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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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Make the game as realistic as possible. Include very thorough telemetry and vehicle set up options with realistic metrics as well as in game and replay/instant replay telemetry analysis to help with vehicle set ups. Maybe game assisted telemetry analysis to better player skill. Detailed damage for both aesthetics and its effect on vehicle performance. Realistic and thorough control adjustments such as steering, pedal throw, differential tuning, brake bias, what ever the driver can adjust mid and pre-race throw it in the game. An intelligent race engineer with helpful feedback based on in game dynamics. There is the first and second driver feature elaborate on that by adding things such as team orders. Parade Laps. Driver to engineer feedback for part upgrades. Realistic start procedure. Post Race celebrations. Interviews. Driver visuals during race like helmet vision obstruction and screen blur during heavy g maneuvers, etc. Manual pitting, cool down laps. More realistic track surfacing and surroundings. Go all out and please expand on F1 Classics! Try to add all past generations of cars and past tracks! 
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1. Dedicated online servers is MUST

2. Report "situation" to "race stewards". Let me clarify what I mean by example:

Example a)
Online race. Race starts and other driver collides with me. I would like to be able to report this crash to stewards.

Example b)
Online race. Driver is about to be lapped but he does not move. Maybe he accelerates and moves out of blue flag range.
I would like to report this "problematic" situation to my race engineer or race stewards.

My point is that I would get chance to activate "penalty engine" for specific situation in game. Much like drivers report other drivers on track.

3. I would also like to be informed about whether or not driver that collided with me got penalty. There is "light" version in F1 2013 that informs me that driver ahead me has penalty...

4. Online player that got penalty/disqulification should get 10 minutes cool down timer, preventing him from entering next race!
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Firstly great to have the forum back up, as for 2014 i would really like to see live the life theme brought back to career mode, it just give more reason to go the full length as apposed to grand prix mode with me as the driver. As others have said more intelligent race engineer with more feedback, in depth weather updates, time splits and fuel management as this is a big part of 2014 in real life, pit boards could also be cool. Before the race have the start grid buzzing with activity and then warm up and paprade lap ,where you park the the car in parc ferme then the podium celebration. Lastly one final but small detail is tyre blankets on the car in the garage and on the grid !
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Naturally I want to see this on next-gen, 1080p @ a solid 60fps. Aside from that, I would love to see a management side of the sport. Whether it's hiring drivers and team personnel, trying to get sponsors, etc.
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Personally I think it would be great if you could make your own team where you have to buy your parts a budget. Then you could have like a McLaren nose, a Ferrari rear wing,a Mercedes chassis, etc. The driver is one test driver, and the other car is you. you can paint the car like in the Forza Motorsport games. You earn money with good results and sponsors. In the beginning you get a small offer from a sponsor, but later the team will grow and you get bigger sponsors, and so more money. And with more money, you can buy parts from better performing teams.

Another thing I would like to see in F1 2014, is the animation of the car in the pitlane. in F1 2013 it looks very unrealistic, just like the damage model. It would be awesome if you could make it better.

The last thing is the ability to drive the car from the pit to the starting-grid, the warming-up lap and the out-lap. it would be totaly awesome if you could do this all by yourself in the game.

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Career mode in 2014. What I wanna see is them giving you the option of how many seasons you wanna race and when you retire and decide to go and play it again you don't come back as a rookie, you come out of retirement and then when you retire for the second time and play career mode for a 3rd go you start as a rookie just to keep the game fresh And classic cars need to return with more of them of course Interviews Podiums Fixed T-Cams Helmets- all helmets need to have the sponsors on them for whatever team their driving for not just the helmet itself
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I am making a video soon for Career Mode myself, here are my points in note form:

F1 2014 Career Needs to Be Living the Life
> Bring the Paddock Life, Driver Motor Homes, The Media Pen & Personal PR Assistants
> “Live the Life” as a mantra for the game NEEDS to come back
> More Driver Helmets, Helmet Creator / Design Competition for Fans
> Driver Numers for Player need to be customizable
> “Fake” Sponsors we need to get from 1 F1 Testing session to gain Seats - Sponsor determines what teams are open to you
> If you played F1 2010-2013, you can skip the Tutorial
> Press Interaction Before & After the Races, After Qualifying
> Track Walk?
> Be able to say stuff about drivers and have an impact on & off track
> R&D is more in-depth, Either look at Aero, Engine, Tyre Wear, Turbo, Chassis?
> Get more Technical, true F1 fans are smart and can understand technical stuff so don’t dumb it down just for the casual racing game player
> ERS Strategy? How much is harvested in braking zones
> Brake Bias replaced by ERS Harvest
> Fuel a lot more complex, Saving it, Lift & Coast, Develop Car for Fuel Efficiency
> All 3 FP Sessions back with longer R&D tasks
> Formation & Victory Lap, Podium
> Slicker Looking Graphics for HUD
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One idea is to put in the ability to request a pit stop during qualifiying instead of being pushed into the garage everytime when you may only want a new set of tyres. Another idea is to have a safety car mode where you drive the safety car throughout the weekend and to go round on the formation lap.
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What I want to see in F1 2014 game:

> Better penalty system [FIX]

> Controllers / pads having as fast response time from using the analog stick as racing wheels [FIX]

> Extended classic edition that has more classic tracks including classic versions of tracks (IE old spa, old monza, old hockenheim, etc) [SUGGESTION]

> After playing career mode enough and listening and looking at the driving style of the AI I have found out that even though I don't use any assists at all the AI get to use all assists so they make almost no mistakes [FIX]

> Tire scaling [FIX]

> Add practice sessions in multiplayer [SUGGESTION]

> Add the in game ability of having a race recorded and uploaded to Youtube along with connecting your F1 game with your Youtube account [SUGGESTION]

> Bring back the EXP and rank system [SUGGESTION]

> Team manager mode [SUGGESTION]

> Give the engineer more intelligence and make him stop saying the same thing every lap ("You need to be lapping in the low 1 minute 12's to be catching the car ahead" repeat x78) [FIX]

> Dedicated / more reliable game servers [FIX]

> More aggressive but not too aggressive AI [FIX]

> Slightly less reliable cars (possibility of a part failure causing a DNF) [SUGGESTION]

> DLC that includes cars from 2000 - 2008 [SUGGESTION]
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  1. i think a team career mode would be a good idea, for example starting a new team or taking over a existing team like McLaren where you can choose own drivers, car design and upgrades etc.
  2. also I think they should bring back interviews and paddock mode and add something where you can appeal against penalties or other drivers.
  3. the on line had to much lag this year whether it is the sever or other players connection i don't no.
  4. more competitive AI
  5. drivers getting better as you go on through career and teams signing new drivers
  6. don't know if anyone else would like to see this but i think adding formula 2 and formula 3 would be a good idea.
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Xbox one controllers have terrific vibration and feedback capability. Forza does a really nice job of using vibration and resistance to indicate wheel spin and brake lockup through trigger resistance and vibration. Please take full advantage of these features. Great potential for improving the drivability of the cars, especially with this years increased torque and braking sensitivity issues.
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Something i forgot to mention in my earlier post is that the ps4 controller light bar could be used . Example yellow light for yellow flag and so on. Also the race engineer voice could be played through the speaker in the ps4 controller. Obviously this is ps4 specific but it would still be cool. 
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Main thing I really want to see is actual ai. Right now, they just drive around like robots, all going for the same strategy, all following the same line every lap, making no mistakes really. They only really attack you when you go off the line and do pretty much nothing to defend. Obviously penaltys, atmosphere and graphics can and should all be improved, but ai is the main thing for me. Obviously it's tricky what with having to change the cars hugely this year but it would improve the game 100x for me. One other thing, if you bring it out on current gen and next gen, don't screw over pc like most companies seem too.
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From the perspective of offline PC (keyboard) player, here's my suggestions based on the already-pretty-improved F1 2013:

-manual pitlane control---pitlane driving and tyre change (by pressing a series of control buttons)

-3 practice sessions (essential!!)

-tyre data consistency---I suggest the tyre degradation should be consistent. For example, if a set of fresh medium tyre can last for 10 laps on a certain circuit in the FP session, then in the race it should also last for at least 8-9 laps (depends on the race distance choice i.e. 10%, 15%, etc.). The difference should not be very large ( 5 laps too large for 100% race, 3 laps for 50% in my opinion). Otherwise, testing the tyre in FP is useless since any information got does not reveal true degradation level.

-AI Aggression---by attempting some overtakes, AI will make errors as players do and that will also ruin or hurt their tyres.

-Mechanical failure---a low to moderate probability (low for better teams and moderate for lower-ranked teams) to get DNF due to mechanical failures. Alternatively, it can be set as adjustable according to players' preference

-Realistic lap times for AI---Regardless of difficulty, how possible is it for an AI driver to post a race FL that is within 0.5s of the pole time/best times of the weekend (if wet quali) ? Also, AI seems not to suffer from trye degradation or they just cope with it "too well", judging from AI's race pace. AI posting a new FL after running a 10-lap or longer stint must be avoided!!!

-more helpful race engineer---agree with previous posts

-after-race action---1) the in-lap after the race; 2) the perc ferme/ podium animation (should contain different scenarios (drivers hugging, chatting, jumping to celebrate, spraying champagne,etc.), presented after each race with random choice). Different celebration posture/motions should be considered for each driver. Codemasters did a good job on this for the F1 Star entertainment game! 3)press conference/ driver interview: expressing one's feeling to gain fan support and reputation or team support (same as team chemistry in football/basketball games)

-A bit more selfish concern but is demanding for the game developers---two different physics systems catering for keyborad players and pad/wheel controllers. Although i really like the traction and tyre degradation model in F1 2013, it is extremely hard to control the rear when leaving a slow corner and hard to manage tyres for keyboard players.

-Wet weather AI---AI "should" make more errors in wet/dynamic conditions. The lap times in wet conditions should be a bit less consistent, gaps between drivers can be enlarged a little to distinguish excellent drivers from good drivers.

Also I want to comment on a few previous posts. As far as I know, unfortunately, due to the contract with the FOM, this official game is unable to show real-life timing graphics and likewise, the drivers cannot transfer from the 2014 team to another, the painting of the cars cannot change as players wish in a creative way, or the contract may be violated. But still good suggestion for Manager Mode or Fake sponsors involvement. 

Really look forward to the improvement on the F1 2014 ! 
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Well these should be in 2014:
  • The ability to not do the Young Driver's Test (got bored of it)
  • Simulation mode off? (like 2010)
  • The ability to make our own hemet and driver face!
  • More classic tracks
  • 70's and 60's F1 cars
  • No more different editions
  • You are on your 5 year anniversary! Make a steel book or something special!
  • Improve online gameplay
  • Rapid weather changes (make things interesting ;D)
  • Bring back the paddock menu and interview races
  • Murray Walker commentating the classic races and Martin Brundle and his team on the modern?
  • Manager mode
  • Improve the damn traction! (PS3 2013 was hard to control traction when getting out of corners)
  • 3 practice sessions and bring back the 10 minute qualifying session!
  • Engineer give you details more instead of telling when to box or your tyre/fuel status
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I mostly play career mode with a pad.

Weather advice system. More context to simply '60% chance of rain'. When? Will this require me to start the race on inters, wets? Or will this be in the last few laps? How heavy will it be and for how long?

Just generally more immersion into the career. A wind tunnel, then straight to the race is perhaps a bit too thin in this area. On this note, after winning the title there is very little celebration. Just standard race win clip, then quickly onto next season with no hint of your previous success.

The AI themselves seem a bit weak in racing. I play on legendary skill and they just let you go straight up the inside if you make the faintest of bold moves. It would actually be great for Fernando Alonso to slam the door shut as you make a move up the inside.. For Lewis Hamilton to aggressively try to squeeze you off the track, but instead it's more likely he'll apologetically move out of the way for you.

More information from my engineer, and the intelligence of it. After pit stops I have to check what tyres everyone else is on. General updates of the race, how the cars around me are performing, am I going fast enough, should I save the engine etc. Perhaps if I'm number 2 driver, and my team mate is quicker I should get a message of 'He's faster, move over'. If rain is coming, which part of the track first, and how long for?

Multiple strategies. Be able to set a plan A, as we do now, but also a plan B and C. If my tyre wear is worse than first thought, switch to plan B where I have set more prime stops.

Looking forward to 2014, will probably buy a next gen console in time for this.

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I would love to see a real classic mode were you can play real seasons form the 80's and 90's. I love the 80's of Formula 1 and would like all the drivers and cars from those periods. I would also like to see lap bourds and more safety cars. Not one safety car came out once through all five seasons in F1 2012 at lease one should have come out in Singapore. It would be nice to have the race at %100 and save exactly were you are one the track. This one really isn't important but it would be cool the walk around the paddock and control the guy during the celebration.

Other then that I love the F1 games.

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