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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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An NBA2K14 style Career Mode so that you "live the dream". Also driver lineups changing through the years (Alonso to mclaren for example) and maybe even regulation changes like the ones this season in real life. that way career mode would become more immersive much less boring and repetitive and would be much more realistic and FUN!!! At last, show the podium after the race instead of you just getting out of the car fist-pumping like it was sunday racing!!!
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Recon1k said:
daemun said:
I know this may not be a popular one, but stick to nextgen and pc and leave 360 and ps3 behind. I've seen too many next gen games held back so that compatible last gen ports are easy to make. Move on, utilize power thats available without compatibilty handicaps and give people a reason to upgrade.
+1,000,000. Fully agree. 2013 was released at the end of the 360's life cycle, and it doesn't make any sense to have 2014 available on last gen consoles. If those people want to continue on their 360's and PS3's, then they can just play 2013. There is no intention of making this point to cause an uproar; it's just some of us firmly believe that we should not be penalized with our new consoles just to cater to those who can't or won't upgrade to next gen.
I think they should release a "2014 DLC upgade" for F1 2013 and stick to next gen for the new game. that way the old gen users would be able to experience some new stuff by paying a few pounds and the new game wont suffer!!!

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I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but I would very much like to see an improvement on the cockpit animation when exiting the pits, particularly the steering wheel. This tiny little detail has caused me facepalm after facepalm ever since F1 2010, I just can't stand the sight of front wheels that aren't connected to the steering wheel, it makes me cringe...
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EpicFruit said:
I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but I would very much like to see an improvement on the cockpit animation when exiting the pits, particularly the steering wheel. This tiny little detail has caused me facepalm after facepalm ever since F1 2010, I just can't stand the sight of front wheels that aren't connected to the steering wheel, it makes me cringe...
This bugs me as well. Hopefully CM will address. It seems like a simple fix, right?
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1. Podiums
Even seeing the podium sequence at the end of a race in the Sony games for the 100th time was far better than seeing the Parc Fermé celebrations of the past few F1 games for the 15th time. However I doubt this will ever be in a Codemasters F1 game as Steve Hood himself as previously said he doesn't see what they add to the game.

2. New Career Mode
Career Mode has been stale since 2012. Removing the press stuff killed any immersion and made a mockery of CM's enthusiasm to Live The Life back in 2010. It needs immersion. A previous poste mentioned NBA 2K's career stuff and that's a fantastic example. The Twitter feed is brilliant, especially how it actually picks out your stats, better than good-but-generic social media of MotoGP 13.

This one is very far-fetched and a very long shot but I'd love custom celebrations like in Fifa games. If EA ever get the license than I could see it being possible.

I'm afraid that we won't get much in Codemaster's first next-gen effort, especially as it'll most certainly also be out on PS3 and 360. I feel they'll focus (or at least say they'll focus) on the AI and more Classics content.
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Carer mode needs a boost. There needs to be some way to keep you interested in it. When I play the game, the only thing that really keeps me going in it is my lobe for the sport. The interviews from 2010 gave you a real immersion into the game and made you feel more connected. 

Damage engine needs to be made better. Yes, your front wing can explode into lots of peices, but your side pods and rear wing are solid when it comes to contact.
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Joethe155 said:
Remember the press conferences in 2010? Incredible that they actually thought "lets take those out".
CM have a history of removing features they cannot improve upon. The press conferences were novel and immersive but you got the same questions and answers far too frequently. So rather than improve, they remove. Same with P1 - P2. Rather than improve, they remove. 2010 showed a lot of promise and potential but with their efforts of late, what we have today is a generic racing game with features aimed at those who want to quick start their game play. There is no depth, no immersion, and far too arcade like to be labelled a F1 game.
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And such is the world today. Everybody is in such a hurry to get things done that nobody knows how to enjoy anything anymore. I remember when a simulation was something you had to immerse yourself in and actually develop your in game persona. THAT era is long gone I'm afraid. :((
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1. I want to be able to watch other cars go around the track in TV style view like the GP series had/or incar while waiting on the pit monitor
2. Free control in the pitlane-making it challenging 
3. PROPER AI-and sliders to adjust difficulty in percent
4. No graphical glitches in any wheather condition
5. Bring back the paddock menu system and Live the Life experience and integrate somne XP system to the interviews and such.
6. Savegames that do not corrupt!!!
7. Controller type specific online sessions. Restrict the mixup for a level playing field.
8. BETTER FFB!!!!!!!!
9. Multiple season spanning career ala F1 Challenge
10. Skip Classics if they are detrimental to the core game development meaning: resources may be taken away that could improve the maingame instead
11. On classics: Make a classic F1 game! The bit you had in 2013 was kinda enjyable but also a little half hearted. It deserves its own game. I would buy it.
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panos12 said:

We want Ayrton Senna and the NEW maps !!!


And James Hunt and Nikki Lauda with Nürburgring Nordscheilfe like in 1974
Erm.. for starters it's tracks :P, Last year they got asked about Senna's cars etc and they said the issue was getting permission from the teams and sponsors and some of the sponsors can't br used otherwise the game won't be a 3+. Hopefully that helps :P 
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The features that I would really like are:

1. Better display of the track map so you can see if without taking your eye off the road AND much clearer direction of where the pit lane entrance and exits are.

2. I would like to see the names of the corners AND the turn number marked on the map AND updated as you race.  So you know you are at turn 5 for example (also known as XYZ Curve).

3. Please offer suggested gear number and brake/acceleration levels as a driver aid.  The GEAR number is key. 

4. Please show suggested breaking point for each course as an aid, and indicate in relation to the distance markers.

5. Ditto suggested speed or speed range - so you can see.

6. I really am looking forward to 3D driving one day - the distance perspective would be so much better.  Today it is like driving with one eye shut.

7. Please show an option to include the current gear of the other drivers and whether braking or accelerating as a driver aid.  Seeing them downshift and into which gears would help us develop skills and insights.

8. Please find a way of starting races and activities faster.  Especially if you crash, I want to get started again much faster so I can get more practice in the limited time I have availability.

9.  Can we find a way of not having to work your way through all of the crappy cars when you go into advanced level?  I would like to be able to select the car independent of the automated driver skill level for my opponents. 

10. Keep improving crash damage and pit stops.  Could we have a more realistic pit stop and repair experience where we have to do something?
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When we pick up a team able to decide who is my team mate for example in Lotus Grosjean isn number  but I prefer for example MALDONADO so I can choose him. hi season I never played with str becue I prefered Riccrdo not Vegrne.


Commentetary like f1 2006.


TEAM MOVES PLEASE! even I know the s**p** licencing

Team manager mode just like fifa.

Able to reate our own f1 driver replacing an other driver in f1 and create helme put face to him.


Car editor mode not just for pc (I can't do it even in pc)

Classic mode can be but to be honest from the big youtubers Tiametmarduk Aarava never played classic cars. I never like classic cars because I'm young.


Season challange hard difficult shoul be legend its not even hard in professional.


Take the ****ing tyre scaling away back to the 2012 tyre wear. I explainde why in my previous comments. AI should struggle for tyres no way posting fastest laps when we go off the cliff.


Fix the black screen.


See transition every time for example seeing the shadows becoming bigger as the race goes on, choose when wewant race dawn maybe 8 oclock or choose when we want the race and transition as the race goes on (sorry for repeating)


SAVEBLE REPLAYS like Gran turismo 5 (i never played 6) save it so we don't need cpture card or just recrd what we doing in the game.

Paddock system back with the 2010 stlye.


Able to switch off tyre wear.


Choose what kind of upgrade what you want to put on the car for example tyre wear upgradeor front wing upgrade.


Back all 3 practise sessions


No need better legend AI I like to dominate the game by winning by a minute maybe more aggressive AI but for me this year was too hard.


Realistic 2014 engine sound for the new game.


E-mail system is a stupidness I want maybe agent.

Manual pitstops but with our own hadling turning in not just braking.

PLEAS leave your opinion guy if I get a lot of likes maybe Codemasters will get these changes applie so if yu like it give a like or awsome,:-bd  if you not just leave a dislike:-q. Please codies get these change applied  [-O<

Sorry if there is any grammar mistake :) 

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