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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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What I hope to see:
  • Pit Boards need to be in the game, I am surprised they are not already.
  • Improved damage model. Same one since 2010
  • Bring interviews back! Pre race, podium, post race, idc.
  • Can we have Martin Brundle interview us on the grid?
  • How about a button that brings up a list of questions we can ask our engineer during the race so he gives me needed info for once.
  • No more scripted tyre wear please.
  • Seriously though, press conferences for career mode.
  • Bottas doesnt finish 18th often... change that.
  • New Animations. new atmosphere. The garage has not been changed since 2010.
  • As much as I want manual pits, it wont happen. Codies know that people would abuse it by running over red bulls tyre changer guy.
  • Corner cutting is when all 4 tyres go over the white line... not when I have half a tyre on the kerb.
  • IMPROVED ENGINEER!!! Good gravy, how many more times is he going to tell me "thats Vettel go for the overtake" NO $H!T IM GOING FOR THE OVERTAKE! 

Fortunately, this game is being made with the new EGO 2 engine. Codies have already said they are restarting from scratch so we wont see the same audio from last year, and we wont see the same animations. THANK GOD.
The game just needs to be more immersive. In career mode, im living an f1 drivers life... make it seem that way. I truly hope this game just blows us away.

Go Bottas. 
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Fortunately, this game is being made with the new EGO 2 engine. Codies have already said they are restarting from scratch so we wont see the same audio from last year, and we wont see the same animations. THANK GOD.
This also makes me fear that people are expecting far too much of it this year. If they're having to practically re-write everything from scratch, it'll be quite be an achievement if the first next-gen iteration is even "just as good as" 2013.
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(Warning): this is very long as a lot of stuff was left out of the first comment. This contains a lot of ideas from other people as well.

The ability to change team half way through season or get kicked out for bad driving and to be able to drive into the pits or parc feme if you win after the race. Podium after race if in top three with: national anthem, trophy presentation and champagne spay. Able to use DRS with intermediate tyres if rain is light (if you don't understand, look to 2014 British Grand  Prix qualifying). 

Being able to walk around the paddock and to talk to other drivers and ex drivers would be nice, they could say stuff like good work mate or give you advice depending who they were (wouldn't count on max Chilton giving advice). Other drivers can also bag you for your driving and you can bag them. Interviews throughout the season and if your in the top three after race and qualifying.

Better damage, realistic tyre wear and mechanical failure that you retire from the race, over work the tyres and they pop, random punctures from debris. Can cause red flags and safety car when you DNF and being able to watch the rest of the race from your garage, if you want to. Better smoke from car if engine fails and weird car sounds when it happens, this should only happen mostly at the beginning of the season when the teams haven't figured out all the kinks yet. Fuel saving harder and  Tyre warming harder on certain tracks.

Safety car and red flag more often like something that would bring out a safety car in f1 2013 would cause a red flag in f1 2014, safety car stays out longer than two or three laps depending on the accident. Races and Qualifying can also get red flagged for bad weather on track. See marshals clearing track of debris or cars instead of everything just disappearing. 

Able to report back to engineer, better helmets or customize your own, team manager for both 2014 and classic, young driver test in 2013 cars, not 2014. Can tell engineer to report to stewards if you think a driver is doing something reckless. As in Austrian and British Grand Prix's, in qualifying if you exceed track limits on those corners, time disallowed.  

Test driver role if not good enough, race bans and better penalties. Formation and in laps. Able to walk around garage during practice and qualifying if you finished and don't want to drive another lap. Commentators that speak throughout race and say your name or nickname when they talk about you and call accidents when they happen. They also say if a your catching the car ahead or losing out to him, your engineer can also say these things, but not as often as commentators as they watch replays and relay what happened (commentators can be disabled in settings). Highlights after race as well so you can watch what happens.

Competitive AI, winter and mid season testing, after your every season old and new tracks are added and others taken away taken away (sick of same tracks all the time). Make gameplay realistic like in your first season, Mercedes are finishing 1-2 all the time unless DNF but in second season lots of other teams catch up. 

The ability to choose when you retire from f1 or take a sabbatical. If can't get drive have to wait a year or retire (latter only meant after like 15+ seasons in f1). Another feature is when you get older after a fare few seasons, top teams tend to look away from you unless you keep winning. Automatic after you retire go straight to team manager, like in call of duty black ops, from story mode to zombies. You can also access team manager whenever you want even before you retire. Another edition would be after 25+ seasons you driving starts to get slow because no one can win when there nearly 45 years old.  

As I said in previous comment, classic career mode with more top and low teams if they can, like I said, McLaren would be a good edition (would like Senna if they can but respect if they can't). People might hate me for this, but only 1990's content would be nice if they can get more of it ( I mean like most teams from one year like 1997 or 98, but stay away from 94), if not both 1990's and 80's, possibly more 70's as well. As well as drivers can get injured, like in the 1990's it's more likely for a driver to break there leg than for someone in 2014.   

Thanks if you took the time to read this. No reply is to bad so if you didn't like anything, just tell me, everyone's got an opinion.
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Here's my current F1 2014 Wish List:

  • Fix the controls so controllers aren't faster than wheels
  • Allow results to be exported on PC, or have a feature that automatically publishes results online (can then be downloaded in text or csv format)
  • Allow the host to define grid positions for online races (necessary when there's a restart, or for applying grid penalties)
  • Use dedicated servers instead of P2P
  • Create a realistic handling, physics, and force feedback model (see iRacing)
  • Laser scan all tracks so they're not flat/dead surfaces
  • Real world setup values and not a 1 to 11 scale
  • Add a Force Cockpit option for online races
  • 22 Player Grids
  • Pit boards and a better race engineer so we can turn off our OSD
  • Fix corner cutting (4 tires outside white lines = warning or penalty)
  • Bring back the ability to setup several online races at once where the results from one would deteremine the grid (or reversed grid) for the next, as per F1 2011
  • Graphics that are at least on par with modern titles like Forza 5 and Project CARS
  • Keep the base setup constant for each track - just show us what values have been changed
  • Manual Pit Stops
  • Realistic damage model
  • With One-Shot Qualifying, show the weather forecast for the race.
  • Online practice sessions, and the ability to practice with online settings in single player.
I would add to the above list:

* Allow users to load a setup for One-Shot Qualifying.
* Allow users to select Tyres and Fuel Load for Time Trials.

And most importantly...
* Make weather transitions more realistic for Online Races. 

Currently, there is a big disconnect between what you see (or what your engineer tells you) versus what's the actual track condition. For example; The online race starts dry, rain starts on lap 5, you'll notice that the track looks damp about 1 lap later and that the dry compounds can still handle the track just fine.  But, if the rain gets heavier in the next 2 laps, you can still race fine on dry compounds even though the track looks completely soaked. If you switch to Inter tyres at this moment, they begin to overheat and you drive much slower than the guys who are still on dry compounds.  Same happens when you are on Inters and want to switch to Wet tyres because you see it is raining cats and dogs.

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Hey guys got another F1 2014 Discussion video this is about when we could see the release date for the up and coming F1 game. Plus I saw Codemasters suggest a storm coming with the game what could that mean but this makes me really excited for some news. Would love to hear your thoughts :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BxwoXOOYVQ
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motokie said:
I think the game should have realistic tyre wear more realistic qualifying so marussia don't make Q3.custom helmets and use a mic to ask about tyre wear and where people are change boost setting and say what tyres you want and ask for sector times in races and on winning a race have a proper ceremony like champagne etc instead of standing on car screaming.and maybe number change and teams swap drivers eg I sign redbull Riccardo goes to another team and choice to retire maybe ??? Keep classic mode aswel but add more tracks and drivers eg senna brundel lauda and the McLaren cars

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My thoughts:
  • Telemetry (as in throttle, brake, gear and steering inputs) and upload that with leader boards to see where you are loosing time to faster guys.
  • League race support, review the races, watch them online, or have a collisions, crashes, near passes and passes highlights for career and online leagues.
  • More interesting career! (driver trades, development over multiple seasons, allow the driver to test new parts and decided their benefit/issues and if the driver want them)
  • More technical setup option; Forza 4 like (basic setup should be available).
  • Select which aero package used (also show visual differences in wings) so I can try a Monza rear wing in Monaco if I want and see the impact then adjust small amounts, give us advised setups though.
  • Be able to opt out of the F1 2014 season problems (fuels saving, engine unreliability, slow down the Mercedes so they are fast but competitive) and also opt in to these issues!
  • 3 Practice, Testing and make an in season simulator testing option, like time trial with (tyre wear (on/off) and other options like that for a little more practice within the Career.) In these sessions give a tire wear and fuel saving engineer advice, "lift through turn X to save your front right tire/ fuel" or something similar, my only problem with the previous tire wear was I had no idea how to reduce tire wear without rolling around the circuit at 100km/h. Make over used tyres puncture!
  • Get xbox, PS4 (or their wheel suppliers) to give a affordable F1 style wheel! ($50-$150) *I don't care about branding I just want something!!! There are almost no options on the xbox.
Give early releases to popular youtubers (awesome advertising/teasers).
Love the game, there's always room for improvement though.
100% agree with this
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Please add the following •Setting where u can either have pit assist on all the way i.e when ur entering and exiting, semi which in other f1 code masters games is off so u control the car as u exit the pit lane or off i.e enter pit lane and pit stop urself, and exit pit stop and pit lane ur self •Continue on with the classic cars. I really loved them especially the 1999 Ferrari F399 (I just love that engine) •Photo mode •Setting where u can change the damage to realistic or original (same damage in 2013) •When a car hits a wall at let's say like 150 mph make it so the front end would be smashed like in real life •Commentary •Pre-race and Post-race press conferences •Interviews •Cars a little less reliable so they break down at random times i.e brake failure •Better AI •Improve penalty system •Fix tire scaling so modifications to car actually affect tire wear •Better safety car system i.e sc comes out when there's carbon fiber on track or if car is stationary on track That's it for me obviously there's a lot more so listen to the other people as well
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Oh yeah and also on PS4 make use of the light bar please so if ur Ferrari then the light bar is red because red is the team color Red Bull dark blue and during yellow flags yellow light bar green flag green bar manager mode where u can upgrade the car, sign drivers change look of of car Chang logo design helmet and race suit also the option to create ur own team that would be nice
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I want celebration cut-scenes like on the podium. I also want additional classic content, I think they should keep last years classic content in the came and just keep building side of it up. I would also like to be able to drive the warm-up lap to warm up the tires e.g: if you don't swerve enough and brake hard enough in the warm lap then your start won't be good and you will lock your brakes going into the first couple of corners. Also I would like to see interviews and press-conferences. Also a grid walk would be good. I would also like to see some new cameras during the replays such as the new infrared camera they use during live broadcasts of the real races during the season. Telemetry would also be good and a few tips from your race engineer as to which corners I can improve in. I would also like to see pre-season testing and testing during the season like in real life. Also I would also like to see better crash effects. Also a bit more mechanical failures on my car and the other A.I such as a car pulling of the side of the track because there's a fire in the engine bay area. I also want the A.I to block me a bit more so its a real challenge to get past. I would also like to see an option to watch the pole position lap after qualifying. I would also like to see a much longer career mode if you choose. Thanks guys.
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I remembered some things I forgot:

Grid Girls (With very short skirts :D )

More, heavier and realistic crashs

More Safety Car

answering to Engineer (with headset)

Clutch + finding Clutch byte point (if posssible)

More Flags (not just blue, yellow, red, green)

Out Lap(s) & Formation Lap before the race, Inlap and parking at parc ferme after the race

Helmet View

Last race, before starting F1 Career, in GP2 or Formula Renault 3.5

Sky Sport HD or any other TV sign at instant replay

(Importent things are big)

please excuse my not so well english, thx

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I remembered some things I forgot:

Grid Girls (With very short skirts :D )     Wont happen, it's a 3+ game

More, heavier and realistic crashs          Possible

More Safety Car          They need to fix the engine for that

answering to Engineer (with headset)          Something like that like on Forza Horizon would be cool

Clutch + finding Clutch byte point (if posssible)    

More Flags (not just blue, yellow, red, green)        In F1 2009 there was all flags (inc Black/Orange and White   

Out Lap(s) & Formation Lap before the race, Inlap and parking at parc ferme after the race       Possible

Helmet View        On PC you can download a mod but still for console it's possible  

Last race, before starting F1 Career, in GP2 or Formula Renault 3.5        Needs extra licencing for just 1 race 

Sky Sport HD or any other TV sign at instant replay              Licensing issues
(Importent things are big)

please excuse my not so well english, thx

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  • Be able to take part in Formation laps and drive back to the pits after finishing a race 
  • Realistic random failure for example gearbox failures, punctures, engine blow outs and also apply to computer driven cars
  • Testing days that have been brought in this year for example the test day at silverstone
  • Test drivers drive cars during practice
  • Investigations for collisions and getting called to the stewards
  • More random cars making mistakes (Like in grid autosport)
  • Real longshot but have GP2 so you work your way up to F1
  • Touching a white line during wet sessions or a wheel running on to the grass causes a loss of traction
  • Drive the safety car mode or for time trial
  • Red Flags (Rare but could happen) delays in Qualifying to clear up collision
  • If you crash in Q1 or 2 with substantial damage you can't take part in the next Qualifying
  • Having to change gear boxes or engines so having to start from the pits or grid penalty
  • Engine wear and Gearbox wear to play more of a part towards season play
  • Wet conditions safety car start
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