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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

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My suggestions for F1 2014:

  1. Total control of the car in the entry/exit of the pit lane.
  2. Had the possibility in the practice sessions to change the tires and have minor adjustments of your car as recommended/required by you or your race engineer outside and in front of your pit garage instead of always being to enter into it.
  3. Introduction of the 2014 Formula 1 Test calendar (Jerez, Bahrain etc) as it was in the new 2014 regulation.
  4. Return of Friday practice session 1 & 2.
  5. Further implementation of multiple test (engine, brake, suspension etc) objectives in the practice sessions for better improvement of you and your car (and to be less bore/useless like it was in F1 2010 and F1 2011).
  6. Much more control in your pit garage like: 1) Live video feeds of others car in practice sessions; 2) A functional and detailed Telemetry system (like it was in F1 Challenge 99-02); 3) A functional and detailed whether prevision system  and 4) Further adjustments of the car with engineer help option for the novice.
  7. The addition of a functional Telemetry system when driving the car like it was in Forza for better adjustment of the car.
  8. A much better force feedback system (please return the force feedback of F1 2011) with much more control and adjustment in the control option.
  9. Better radio engineer advice and variety in the type of voices accent by different teams.
  10. Much better sound system and the introduction of in circuit voice commentator.
  11. A much better mechanical failure and damaging system.
  12. Warm up session.
  13. Warning, penalty system and safety car introduction should be much more accurate specially for the A.I car.
  14. Much more realism in the A.I car behavior on track.
  15. Much better and much more live animation in the circuit track and the pit in general.
  16. Finish podium parade.
  17. A Crash helmet editor.
  18. A player creation editor. 
  19. A replay record system with the possibility to feed it up easily to Youtube.
  20. Presentation in the career mode should be much more TV orientated like FIFA by EA and 2K sports games with the addition bonus of  F1 Sky sports team commentary, analyst, preview and review of your career progression. and...
  21. Please made an special treatment for the PC capabilities in respect for the new and old hardware that was already implemented in the market.

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I would like you to add a mode where you own your own team and get to choose fake sponsors drivers and pay to use other teams car parts. I would also like you to add into the game prefrably in the classics area of the game 2 cats from each era of engines in f1 and 2 different cars from every decade since 1970. I really hope you can do this asswell as what aarava and Tiamearduk have reccomend :)
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I haven't played the 2013 F1 yet but after playing 2012, i slowly go bored of it. what about adding a feature in career mode where drivers change teams after a certain amount of seasons and have it so that you can design the liveries of your team for that year.

 Also would be awesome to see the damage models be more realistic because in 2012 and 2013, ive noticed that hitting a wall doesn't do much, what about having it if you hit the wall you can damage the steering, suspension and other mechanical units (parts) and have the car handle differently. Plus also have more mechanical failures (eg. steering failure, tyre failure, gearbox failure etc...) yes there are mechanical failures but after playing through all 7 seasons in career mode, ive not had one failure of some sort which i think isn't realistic at all.

Another one would be to improve the penalty system, instead of getting an instant warning or penalty as soon as you drive dangerously or corner cut. what about having a review system so you get a message pop up saying "incident under review" and after say a certain number of laps or post race have a message pop up saying that you have received a penalty for such and such and have lost points, drive through penalty or a grid penalty depending on the severity of the incident. 

and please bring back back formation laps and cool down laps and post race interviews

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I would ilke to see the Amateur AI pace either brought down or a new level at beginner level too as the Amateur level as it stands is just too fast and aggressive and having to use cheats to get around this in
I agree with the begginer level because I find ameuter the best but prof is to hard for mea
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- I would like to be spoken to by my engineer almost every lap, like in real life. - I want be able to save fuel more efficiently (Lifting and coasting, short shifting...) - I want to be able save my tyres more effectively. I want the set up to effect the length of out tyre life (the tyres life on '13 seems scripted) This will reward the smoother driver. I REALLY want the set up (per track) to be effecting by air and track temp!!!!! (1)
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Mhh what i want in 2014 ?

a new classic mode with all f1 1986 season
new tracks (Adelaide, Mexico, Detroit, Paul Ricard)
new challenge ex:
- you have the BT55 (i hope to drove her in f1 codie game) you are at imola (86 version not the 2000 vers.) and you are actualy in 9th position and you must to be 6th for won the first point of the season for the team (5 laps)
- With the MP4-2b at Adelaide you have a ponture and you must back to the pit for repair after you must win the race to win the championship (10 laps)
- With the Lotus 98t at Paul Ricard you are in pole and you must to keep the led (5 laps)
- With the FW11 at Mexico won the race
I've so many ideas like this with 86 season or 88

Next a patch for manual gearbox (like the G27)

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Lets not forget a different set up per track (YOU CANNOT RUN THE SAME SET UP AT MONZA AND MONACO AND STILL BE COMPETITIVE) - You are able to see compare yours and your teammates telemetry to see where you are losing and gaining time. This will make the game more competitive. - HUD needs to be like real life f1, I know it cant be the exact same... *the same but different* ;) (2)
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daemun said:
I know this may not be a popular one, but stick to nextgen and pc and leave 360 and ps3 behind. I've seen too many next gen games held back so that compatible last gen ports are easy to make. Move on, utilize power thats available without compatibilty handicaps and give people a reason to upgrade.
I disagree because people still buy ps3's and xbox 360's and also shops still sell these consoles
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My ideas for career mode 1- Drivers switch teams during the career mode. For example, Sebastian Vettel might move to Ferrari at the end of the season 2- Rookie drivers- For example drivers like Sam Bird or Stoffel Vandoorne could join F1 during season 2 or 3 3- A junior formula like GP2. Even if it doesn't have the official licensing 4- Realistic unreliability 5- Realistic fuel saving 6- Realistic Driver Traits 7- Like aarava mentioned in the video, living the life of an F1 driver like you did on F1 2010 with the media interviews and pens 8-The AI being more aggressive at the start
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Recon1k said:
daemun said:
I know this may not be a popular one, but stick to nextgen and pc and leave 360 and ps3 behind. I've seen too many next gen games held back so that compatible last gen ports are easy to make. Move on, utilize power thats available without compatibilty handicaps and give people a reason to upgrade.
+1,000,000. Fully agree. 2013 was released at the end of the 360's life cycle, and it doesn't make any sense to have 2014 available on last gen consoles. If those people want to continue on their 360's and PS3's, then they can just play 2013. There is no intention of making this point to cause an uproar; it's just some of us firmly believe that we should not be penalized with our new consoles just to cater to those who can't or won't upgrade to next gen.
100% agree, there are enough consoles out there between the PS4 and X1 (even more by this fall) that Codemasters should release ONLY on next-gen. It would save them resources and ultimately allow the devs to focus better (IMO).  That's would I would like to see.

As always, making money is what keeps CM in business, and since F1 2013 appears to have sold at least 700,000 copies between all platforms, I would imagine CM will analyze the cost benefits of bringing 2014 to last-gen AND next-gen. I've made peace with the fact that the first year or two of games released on next-gen consoles will be HD upgrades.
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This is a video for all of you to watch! It's very important, its about the licensing and what codemasters can do with their game. This is so you guys dont ask ridiculous stuff like will they put GP2-GP3 in the game? ..... etc. Watch this before you write on the forum
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So i guess i'll add my two cents!

  • Bring back F1 2010 style menu's
  • Bring back Interviews
  • Extend career mode beyond 5 seasons
  • Have on the grid interviews/you can walk around the grid
  • Formation and cool down laps w/ability to celebrate
  • Pre-seson testing 
  • Bring back 3lap career races 
  • Pit-crews can mess up in the pits
  • Actual AI crashes/mechanical failures
  • Better engineer conversations e.g. more in-depth info getting fed to you
  • Full car control in pit lane
Let's not forget F1 2010's motto: Be the driver, Live the life!

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NOOOO!!! My thread was merged with some noob's thread with a diff title! -_- Oh well, keep posting ideas guys, Luke the community manager is keep an eye on this thread, he has msged in this thread and tweeted me before, so your ideas WILL get seen here! Keep posting away! - aarava
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I would love to see some of these implemented but as always licensing is a major issue

-Formation+Cool down lap (can be done by AI or manually
-More classic cars and tracks (1970s, 1960s)
-Modern classics (tracks removed from calendar but has been used before in the last 10 years)- Turkey
-Cars from the last decade
-More work on the engineer
-Have CMs own version of GP2 and GP3 (not named those obviously)
-As aarava has mentioned, fake sponsors
-Interview pen in paddock to give thoughts after the race + quali (Career Mode)
-A personal number to drive with (shame about not being able to use the ones that the real drivers use.) (helps mainly with the leagues)
-Pre season testing
-Tensions between drivers and other teams (Career Mode)
-Better camera angles (inside helmet)
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Probably worth a mention, I tweeted Steve a few months back (T4RG4) asking if they were considering driver to pit communications using the new Kinect and PS Cameras on new gen. He said 'Yep', so hopefully they do something great with it!

If they do go ahead with it I would love to see some commands like "How are my tyres?" and the engineer responding telling us that "tyres are good at the moment" or "tyres are getting hot, we may have to stop earlier" or something like that. Also requesting positions of other drivers on circuit that you are racing with like "Where is Alonso?" and the engineer responding with "Alonso is currently P5, he's on the option tyre and is due to stop soon". Just an idea but this would be great :D

Also @daemun I completely agree, I think it would make more sense to release only on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for development purposes. It would allow the guys to push the boundaries on the graphics and complexity without having to worry about fitting it all onto an 8GB disc with limited processing capabilities.
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I want. Commentary like on the older f1 games. A podium which can have the opportunity to turn off and on. All practice sessions. Live the life, paddock in the garage. Communication with your team. News around the paddock in career mode ie. Alonso not happy with Ferrari fuel problem. Instead of just hearing so and so has won and this team has a new update. Formation lap. Parade lap. Victory lap. Penalty points in the online.
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Hadyn said:
I disagree because people still buy ps3's and xbox 360's and also shops still sell these consoles
People still buy ps2's and wii's.... Should we all have wii graphics foundations with high res textures so they can continue to refuse to upgrade? Like I said, I know some people will dissagree but its better for the series.
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I'd like to see more support for online leagues.  Take a look at Nascar 14 for what I'm talking about. It keeps track of points earned, league membership, race calendar, and auto-invites.

From general online features, ability to race the "online" car in an offline mode, the ability to set the grid from the lobby and some more race info during the race.  

In general, a weather report for the race in one-shot qual.
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F1 2014 should take note of the Bahrain GP, and how good the Mercedes Powertrain is this Year. Career Mode should have this kind of detail in. Ferrari and Renault powered cars really lacked in straight line speed so hopefully this is installed in the game.

Nice Video Btw OTG. 

Podium for me isnt essential, because where do you stop? Have Brundle, Herbert and Benedict Cumberbatch do podium interviews? Id rather they spend time on creating a sophisticated Formula One game for the technical engineering loving F1 Fan.
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This might not be on everyone's wishlist but I would like to see:

  • More Classic cars, tracks and drivers, and please try to get the license to McLaren and Ayrton Senna
  • The ability to edit team and driver info, this will keep the stats up to date. If this idea is used, in MY F1, put a reset option in to reset the driver and team stats to the origanal state
  • Helmet design, please!
  • Better chance of safety car.
  • The ability to pick your own number(obviously). Paired with this, the name of the driver and his nationality should change when driving for the team in career.
  • After-race highlights to show all the retirements and action of other drivers as well as yourself.
  • Costimize your main menu, like choose your favroute team to display in the menu or leaave it so that the console choses the car everytime.
  • More and better cut scenes like the podium or the warm up lap, but I would like to see a better reaction after winning the championship
  • For something new I would really like that if they, in career, put in another few options. I have in mind that they let you choose your DOB. With this the driver can brake records. In the career hub there should be a hub that shows all the F1 records, as the players breaks them, they are updated to his name, like: Youngest point scorer: Sebastian Vettel. (After the race the player brakes the record and it should now say) Youngest point scorer: Player One.

That is all I would like to see added to F1 2014.

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