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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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- Ban assists & remove YDT and scenes where explaining things like to a small lad
- Manual control everywhere (Pitlane, Formation lap, false starts, stalling engine)
- Realistic & more sensitive damage
- Controls ideal for wheel so keyboard/gamepad players won't get advantage
- Realistic physics
- Proper setups (e.g. like in rFactor)
- Forced cockpit view
- H-Shifter + clutch for classic cars (The lack of this was the most disappointing thing in F1 2013)

those are my wishes for F1 2014
looks like you'll be disappointed then as I doubt CM will do any of that better graphics yes moer extensive career maybe but I don't see any of what you've asked for being put in
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Let's start the long list:

The paddock:

Reworking career mode

Career mode is just plain race after race after race. To make it unique you need to introduce off-track things, such as interviews, teammate battles, etc. After race cutscenes need to vary, rather than being 10 sec sadface for P4-22 and 10 second  happiness for P1-3.

Multiplayer career

Not just a co-op career. Let more than 2 people fight for the entire season!


It doesn't take a lot to give us helmet/car/even database editor, if you release a game so close to the season end. Let people make some work for you!
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Unique game modes

F1 is more than just drivers. Introduce more game modes, like the Steward mode, where YOU are making the decisions about penalties and SC instead of messy AI. Of course it can be exploited, but you can add ranks for stewards. If they drop beyond certain point, they can't be stewards for some time.

Spectator Mode from the very beginning will give the power to Online Leagues. Commentators will be free to choose who to follow or just have random/not so random footage to work with. Sticking to 1 car is not the best idea for them.

Team Manager/Engineer mode gives tycoon people something to play with. Finances and other management things will look cool and Being the race engineer and communicating with drivers while having the telemetry will be interesting as well.

And imagine the combination of it all in online! The organised league can have A LOT of different tasks for different people! 22 pilots, 11 Engineers, 1-2 stewards, 2 commentators...

Theatre Mode

As much as I hate CoD, their Theatre mode is so awesome! Wathcing race with different stats and multiple cameras would be a fantastic thing for commentators/spectators/viewers. Save the replay and send it to others to watch ingame! Edit the raw footage and save it to your hard drive! Add the commentary on the fly to include to the recording!
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The gameplay:


Re-introduce FP1-2, if players need it, use the toggle. Mid-season testing with objectives give career mode even more stuff to play with. Give players the chance to drive without competitive racing for once, it can be interesting too!


New AI. For sure. Return lap blocking in quali, cowards in races, no-collision races... This makes the racing boring - AI being either stupid or predictable. You can always defend by late-braking, AI will always stay behind, being afraid to risk and attack. Pit-stop will take ages, if a few cars will enter pit-lane within a few seconds from each other. They don't even spin out! Race engineer should not tell you "There are a lot of cars on track today", instead he should tell you who is on different tyres and other important stuff. He should give you mid-race advice, cause he is the one who sees the whole picture!

Penalty system

Enough said. It is horrible. Even improve it A LOT, or let players handle the issue, as suggested in "Unique Game Modes"
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First of all, how cheap do you need to be to avoid animating the broken car removal. At least use the pit crew quali animation, when they push the car away. Also, let they debris stay for some time, make drivers work their way around, giving them a chance to have a puncture. Send the SC out and when no one is around, remove the debris.

Add technical failures, which will force the car to retire if damaged (drivetrain, engine, etc.), introduce random failures (not just KERS/DRS failures) based on teams IRL performance. IF players do not want to randomly retire, they can turn mechanical failures off in the damage menu, just add the slider.

More Than Just A Race

F1 is not just a race from green to checkered. Small stuff like a warm laps are important as well. Introduce manual warm-up laps, so drivers will be responsible for tyre performance during the start.

Add jumpstarts to make players actually react to the start.

Add manual pit stops to make players work even there to get the car in and out of the pits in the least amount of time possible without getting a penalty.

Add the after race return lap to let the players celebrate their victory! And for those aggressive drivers, make them drive back to pits with that fuel, which is left on-board. Fuel management to the max!


I have so more minor wishes, but here ends my list. Hopefully, one day I will see a perfect F1 game.
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No next gen. All I have to say!
Then play 2013. The game isnt going to get any better or have ANY of the stuff people want if it stays on old gen. If you want a new game with all the new features people want then CM need more power and more memory. I for one want a NEW game, not an old gen port with copy/paste data from 2013 and high res textures.
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Take the tyre scaling away, better screen, I can't read results. Having podium, back 3 practise sessions, better car voices, its the same as 2012, take away the oversteering model. But don't take back understeering model, and everything which you're saying. Able to get 2.3 seconds stop.
The Codemaster said there will be formation lap, but they didn't do this, 
I'm not agreeing with you I hate the formation lap, don't stay it,or even we would able to switch out the tyre wear like in F1 2010, Create track, like in Gran Turismo (I know 5). I'm happy with the damage simulation, becasue if I hit the wall a little bit more, I don't want to be out of the race. I think in time trial, the game should allow to extend the tracks. The pitsops in practise and quali, and choose from a menu, which you want. So tyre scaling away. Take back the interviews.
Have transmission every time, for example see shadow changes in every track, transmissions, like the sun goes downer in the sky,
Driver transfers.
I think the engineer should be able to say the lap time like in RFACTOR. like its a 1:13.111.
F1 2014 game suggestions Legend too fast Expert too slow theres too big gap. In legend I’M 5 tens down to the leader, buti n expert I’m 2.4 faster than the second place man, with same setup and everything.

Belive me about the tyre scaling and the things, because I saw you got a good relationship with Steve hood, I hate tyre scaling I need to go to a 2 stoper in a 25% race like in Hungaroring. Or do what Codemasters did in F1 2010, we can awitch the tyre wear off, or hve a kind of option that, Switch on tyre scaling, switch off tyre scaling (so go on the similar tyre wear as F1 2012) or even switch off tyre wear.
New engineer or back the 2010 engineer because he had more emotions.
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Minor things:

Since KERS is gone, I'd like to see the return of the pitlimiter. However I expect codies to replace it with boost button. (remember Hamilton got told over board radio to use the boost when exiting corners).

No more fireworks at Singapore during the race, and none in Bahrain either during the race (in case they thought of it).

Online practice sessions, (even joinable when in progress)

Slightly bigger things:

Custom grid setup by host, instead of random or quali result.

PC thingy: Of course biggest wish is dedicated servers, but I expect codies not to be ready for that, so I ask them to make online play work better with Steam. Basically a short disconnect from the steamcommunity servers should not mean a disconnect from the current race. In other games it doesn't happen like that either.

Furthermore I'd like to be able to teach the engineer what kinds of stuff he tells me during the race. Simply via a menu. Categories like 'weather', 'gaps' 'fuel' 'tyres' 'car issues' 'fastest laps' 'cars pitting'. Personally I'd probably just leave the weather category enabled.

I've scripted my way around it, but I can imagine that players like a more concise quick menu to select bias, fuel or tyres. 2 presses should be enough instead of 3.

The weather was pretty much ok, however tyres were probably a bit too good, compared to how difficult it is to drive in the rain in reallife, but I suspect it's the balance between playability and fun. But for the sakes of a gamble, we should always be able to select intermediates or wets after qualifying in my opinion, even when in top 10. Oh, and while you're at it (really minor thing), please make the DRS disabled independent of tyres, but that it is disabled or enabled for everyone at the same time. In game logic maybe if 2 cars or X % of cars have full wet weather tyres, DRS usage is probably not safe.

Furthermore a lot of good luck with implementing all the reallife changes. I hope that ingame onboard the engine sound is not ruined by whistles and wind noises.

Ps I wouldn't miss classic content if it ain't in it this year.

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That we can make a sort of pitstop during quali to change tyres and to save time,
Nice Engine sound 
That with the helmet we choose we get the sponsors on them as well to get the feeling.
(there are many people making theire own freeware and its nice you could look it up)
Possibility to start with every team after young driver test and pls KEEP the OFFSET CAMERA its really cool and nice.
And realistic helmet designs not like 2012-2013-2011-2010 like with sponsors as i told but there are some good ones at F1 2013 cant deny that. 

Thank you
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I would really like a cinematic retiring system where your driver takes out his steering wheel and etc and also if F1 2014 is on next gen i think being able to respond to your team radio via Kinect or Playstation Camera. i think this would make you actually feel in control of what you want the team to do. 
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For F1 I don't have a wishlist as such, the F1 game is specific to the F1 brand so I feel content wise there isn't much you could wish for but game mode wise there is plenty! :')

One thing that I keep thinking about a lot is a specific Manager mode.
I see myself going back to F1 Manager 2001 and getting totally engrossed in it, despite it being a really old game. Something along those lines where you manage your team would be great. Choose your drivers, designers, engineers, commercial manager, engines, brakes, sponsors etc etc.
You controller team finances and all that jazz.

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I think the game improves every year.
I have several suggestions, but I think it has 2 very important :
1 . Creating 2 game modes , one being the simulation mode and the other arcade mode . I and most of my friends are enjoying it too every year the game as it is getting closer to a simulator. But other friends are not like the changes . They prefer something more arcade . Doing so would suit many tastes .
2 . Creating a full replay mode for online matches . There are several online leagues in the world and how accidents happen and the penalty of the game system is not perfect , always ends up causing hassles . So when there is a need to make the analysis of the accident , there is often no images . If there was a way in which it was possible to see the replay of the race at any time and for any car would be perfect . It should facilitate making videos with the best moments of the race . If the game automatically do the best moments of the race , it would be perfect!
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I have many ideas on how improve the F1 Codemasters series, but the mains are:

1) Fix the netcode for PC version, because lag and connection problems are a weak point of the series

2) Replay for online races (like single player of other F1 Codemasters games) 

3) A good viewer mode where there are many type of cameras, and mainly the general camera that allow you to see the race with cameras allocated in track's points. At the end a viewer mode very similar to the real F1 direction like BBC, Sky etc.

4) More online room's settings: for example the possibility to chose the amount of minutes of qualification, and the number of qualification manche.

I hope that Codemasters will read this message, good work ;).
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My F1 2014 wishlist:
More complex team radio
Able to answer back to pit crew on team radio
Podium celebrations and interviews
Formation laps
Installation laps
Parade laps
Frequent safety car
Make own decisions on what to say in interviews
Team manager mode (maybe?)
Return of FP1 and FP2
Customizable helmets
Silverstone test (replacement of Young Drivers Test)
Able to start career in teams such as McLaren.
1 Lap races
Manual pit stops like f1 Career Challenge
LIVE THE LIFE JUST LIKE F1 2010 (please)

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I think that f1 2014 should have a more realistic career mode with gp2 and gp3 and driver transfers so we will not get bored. gp2 and gp3 drivers must be transfers to f1 teams so we can have a rival from our gp3 years. the career should be longer like 10 or 15 years because when you finally win the championship you will have to retire.

The classic cars should be more and should be some cars from 70s and 00s,nurburgring nordschleife and adelaide should be on the game too.

In f1 should be a manager mode in which you would be able to create your team with real sponsors like vodafone and canon.

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