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Racenet: Setting club livery's

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New to the forums so be gentle with me!

I've set up a club on Racenet but at the moment I am unable to invite any of my friends to be able to join, no idea how to solve this at the moment. Is there a help site for Racenet? Biggest thing though is that I can only set a logo for the team, I can not change the livery of the cars, and I don't like the one that has been set by Racenet, it's plain and boring. How do I go about changing the paint scheme? 


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I do not think I invuted anyone to my club. I just gave out the full name of the club they searched for it, found it & joined it. 

You do the club livery from the game itself. When you make a livery and want to edit that livery. The screen that you choose has a place where you can"Set this livery as your clubs livery" or something like that. Press that & it will link up with racenet & take care of the rest. I call this my "main" car.

To test if this worked, go to anothet car in your garage and choose livery. About 4th or 5th down on the list it will say "Racenet Club Livery" click on that and it should apply your club's livery. That you had on your "main" car. You have tomdo this to every car you have to get the club livery on that car.

I have also noticed that if you change the wheels on your "main" car. Those wheels will appear on every other car too. As well as numbers, even on other club members cars the same numbers and wheels will appear on their car's too.

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