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Would you pay for a full BTCC expansion pack?

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sgll said:
we just need a wtcc/btcc/v8 supercars game. go back like TOCA was. none of this crappy americanised cars/tracks etc. they make f1 games. they make rally games. so why not a touring game?? people want real tracks not made up rubbish
I do like that autosport ring though :D
Totally agree, forza & grand turismo have this road car thing down, ea have the mod thing down with need for speed and burnout etc.
There needs to be a game that focus's on the real world championships but the way grid goes about it. Use the cars, from real world but made up teams if the licensing is too much.
yeah I enjoy CM's Autosport raceway too the only drift circuit I've been able to nail thus far. I've won most of my races there too. I generally look forward to racing there when it's on the calendar for that season. It's a well designed track better than some real circuits if I'm honest. Haven't done the oval part but certainly all the infield tracks are good
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