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GRID AUTOSPORT The Soundtrack - Will it be available to download?

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Hey Codemasters I was just wondering if you were going to put up the GRID AUTOSPORT soundtrack up for download. I know you did this with previous games like GRID 2 and F1 2012. So can you please put up the GRID AUTOSPORT soundtrack for download? I like Ian Livingstone's music.
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I like how some new tracks are mixed with old tracks from Grid 2; overtake music i could here mixed in a very fine style (in Tuner category i heared); is a question of taste but i liked a lot Grid 2 music and AS is on the way. No tipical or generic, is inspired, different..and the game has just the needed amount for my tastes, no more, no less.

Another time pretty good selection and taste from CM, and Livingstone, by the way.
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KurtG85 said:
Just give your glasses, plates and silverware a sensual massage if you enjoy the theme of that title screen track. :P 
You could probably use a converter to DL that. 
From 20:21 to 24:06 is where i hear a mix from Grid 2 Checkpoint track, not overtake as i said before, it´s a nice and powerful idea, sound GOOD!!

Thanks for share this.

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