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Online AI Bug

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Two or three times whilst playing on a custom cup with AI we've come across a bug

My friend (the same one each time) has reported not seeing any of the AI for the entire race, and two of them have not started for the rest of us. The race won't end because of the first two not starting, and we end up having to quit the session.

Also noticed the AI on SP on Mont Treamblant full circuit tend to crash spectacularly on the first corner of the first lap as you come over the hill

On Xbox 360

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I've noticed that with this bug the cars that don't start on the race grid have supposedly completed a lap as well, meaning that although they have not actually moved from their starting position, they are perceived by the game to be racing or still racing, which could be a reason as to why the race doesn't end - Regardless this bug is very annoying
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