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F1 2021 | Online Services Down For Maintenance | 26/07/2021 ×

Boosting! Wasting time.

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Just seen one team get 100k in 15 mins.... Not even possible online man. Not with 8 members. I've just spent the last 12 hours playing and I barely even earned that much! That's with 90% wins aswell. Once again. To much xp in closed lobbies! Please sort it codemasters. Sorry for the complaining but to many people are putting to much legitimate effort in to be dropped by boosters.
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Sometimes is uderstandable to boost something at one point in a game to get certains advantages wich makes the game more funny or more playable etc...

But in these case of "throphy hunters", "sick for hte honours and medals", "maniacs of numbers and egos" and people who value other people for their rank, level etc... has no sense, have a ton of money, a ton of cars, a level wich supossed as a great racer...

I use to meet in the standar online, no in the lobbies, people with max levels and ranks who´s unable to do the firts turn, to use the break or simply to race clean, is not only a question of noobies, childsy players, is a question of inexperienced lobbie racers who never race a real online race with all the consecuences and with the excuse and complaints thar ALL the onlines in everygame has; it is certain but thse "kind of private super-class-reserved only experts.bla, bla, bla.." many times results in fake drivers.

By the way i´m not reffering every people in this situation but there´s too much; in fact i don´t mind but some people "looks over my shoulder" at me with a low-medium level and i´m tired to recieve "love messages" from inexperienced racers who can´t get a good place in the race or thinks that because of his/her level are authorised to say what is rigth or not, and many of them are clearly boosted players making ridiculous things in a race, but many times is funny to see this situations.

I´m agree that the XP could be change a little bit because is well know that this practices, when is about abusing, only gives the game and online racers an irreal perpective of the game and races.

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@andaya‌ you have a major point. Racing online a big portion of the online racers see it as 'do anything to be out if the first corner and win'. The good thing about this game is it's got the sim feel to it. Hard to maintain a perfect race but those who truly master the tracks in a sensible and mature manner will always come out on top. Unless them first corner wreckers get them haha :)
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