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Boosting! Wasting time!

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Just seen one team get 100k in 15 mins.... Not even possible online man. Not with 8 members. I've just spent the last 12 hours playing and I barely even earned that much! That's with 90% wins aswell. Once again. To much xp in closed lobbies! Please sort it codemasters. Sorry for the complaining but to many people are putting to much legitimate effort in to be dropped by boosters.
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Oh stop crying. Just because CGS have overtaken your "grids finest racers" club on a stupid XP leaderboard.


 Are certain members of your team retiring out of all the races they don't win? If they didn't retire, they might earn your team some XP.

CGS arnt even boosting! They just have more players than NWR.  They play in lobbies together, they sometimes play in closed private lobbies, just like they did on Grid 2. 

Ive been a lobby with the majority of players from CGS.  They dont retire if they dont win. 

NWR wont and dont play in lobbies together,  (maybe your own boosting lobby) 

If you join a random online line playlist, chances are there are a few CGS guys, happy to race. 

NWR dont do that.  How will it work if there are 6 NWR players in 1 lobby? 

Who is getting the little NWR nudge out of 1st place?  The snidey accidental racing incident.......
really??............... from NWR.......I must be mistaken!

Will the NWR player who got nudged by another NWR player, just retire because they didnt win. 

How do you decide whos goin to win the race?  You all gotta have average finish 1st dont you? 

Forget your stupid stats and XP leaderboard places, just race.  You cannot win every race. Neither can I. 

Average Finish 1st =  Retired from races you were goin to lose. =  Xbox Live Joke. 

Anyone from CGS wanna go boost? LMFAO 

Tissues anyone? 

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I think you need to go and have another look at the leaderboard. It's not CGS I was talking about. Get your facts straight flukey. 2nd little statement there, NWR have more members than CGS.... 3rd statement, my guys retire if they get wrecked or their car is incapable of even driving around circuit.... 4th statement.... To be fair we like to split off, that's called tactics. Making a name for ourselves, if we have NWR in the majority of lobbies finishing first doesn't that say were dominating????? 5th statement, put your foot down you are not as quick as you think you are flukey. Especially not on grid autosport. You can't reset your stats on this one an finish up front all the time... And how do you decide who's gonna win the race? I'm sure you just said in a previous statement that NWR don't race together.... Right anyway. Just to 'summarise' everything that you have just said was completely irrelevant. Good job wasting your time haha.
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