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Online Payouts Need Much Better Balancing

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First off I just want to say I'm loving the game so far, I've already spent a good 40+ hours in singleplayer alone and I'm not even 50% complete.. However having had a quick dabble online I can already see a major flaw in the system which is making me not want to even bother and that is in the economy.

Now it's not too bad for those people who only like to specialise in on discipline like touring cars, it won't take them too long to have at least one car in every category (if you consider 100 or so races not long of course), however for players like me who only like to play multiple disciplines because I find it boring only to do one we get massively penalised to a point where it would take a ludicrous amount of time to own one car across all disciplines meaning and be able to level them up, which makes the current system even less fair.

I don't know who made the decision to copy COD an try to appeal to the masses when GRID 2 should have shown you it is a terrible idea but giving an advantage to people who play more when they already have the added benefit of greater experience is a poor idea in a FPS and a completely idiotic one in a racing game. To add to that you didn't listen when we told you grid positions should NOT be decided in matchmaking by anything other than random or at a push reverse standings order and you've done the exact opposite and made it so those who are fastest or stay in the lobby longest have a constant advantage. There are ways of rewarding long time players which don't penalise everyone else or give an unfair advantage and currently you've got it all wrong.

Back to my main point though, the multi-event matchmaking lobbies should have a much higher payout (e.g. x5 for 5 different ones) over simply sticking to one discipline so that we get the opportunity to buy all the cars and level them up without having to play for 1000hrs. It would also encourage people to try out more events rather than just sticking to the exact same thing like they did in Grid 1 & 2.

I don't know what other people think on the matter but feel free to comment.

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I was going to post something similar, particularly around the grid order as I think CM are already looking at repair bills (hopefully winnings v repair bills will be looked at as part of this), however you've explained it far more eloquently than I ever could.

IMHO Random grid order is by far the best way to go in terms of online racing.  When I first go into a lobby and start at the back I end up having to "fight" my way past people who either have no idea how to race (which is fine, we all need to start somewhere) or people who have no inclination to race and would rather wreck their car on me than let me make a clean pass.  When/if I make it to the front I spend the rest of the night getting smashed off the track by people who think they can take the first corner without braking... it gets tedious.  At least a random grid order would stop that from happening race after race.  Additionally, I've noticed some people won't stay in the lobby if the person in front has a lot of points (and who can blame them).

I very much doubt CM will change this, it was discussed on here prior to the games release with the majority saying they would prefer a random grid order but CM obviously didn't take any notice.  I guess they think they know best, after all we're just the people who play the game lol
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IMO its not bills not balanced but damage needs to be repaired is too big.
Full clean race -15000 and gain from race 3000 :D and its good result lol.
But have -1500 for full clean race and 3000 award for some mid-end position would be ok.
And -over9000 for crashers haha, all agree?

ps fall down yesterday from 250000 to 180000 =)
psps i realy think CM need to force ppl drive clean - more money for clean race, so ppl stayed back for no crash can gain something close to top guys.
Or even turn of all this sh*t and make like grid1 - only skill make a game. Its best what you can do :D
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Not only more money for racing clean...
When I do a race over a longer distance, my car degrades more but payout always seems like (playercount + 1 - position) * 1000, done.
A championship bonus would be nice aswell, like 20% of price money * races * position for the first race and for every additional race + 5% to reward longer championships and consistent drivers.
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The problem simply lies with the car degrading and damage. At about 1000 KM driven and  6hours track time you hit the repair cost limit of your car at 27k flat. If you look at loaned cards they have driven like 14000 KM and cost you around 2k..

Also that no matter how you drive you always drop the same percentage of durability.. 1 lap without a single scratch or 5 laps fully totaled all red no tires left makes no difference at all, NONE. Poor and lazy coding from the very codemasters.
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Payouts needs to be higher or repairs costs reduced.

I'm working on getting my Chevy Cruze to lvl 99. Currently at level 62/63 and my repair costs range from 27k to 50k per race.

Even If I win a full lobby race with zero contact and getting the fastest lap... I'm getting a max of 20k in winnings but the net result being -7k at its best. Overall, I would say I'm averaging -13k per race.

The only time I do go positive is if I get a milestone cash bonus thing.  
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Agreed also. I tend to avoid Touring car events because of this. Playing in a Custom Cup with some friends, we were in V8 Supercars & although I was winning each event & wasn't hitting anything repairs were 4K more than race winnings. What a joke.
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I've just got my Cat B touring car to level 19 and am running the weekly challenge.  Average rewards from the challenge is in the 8k-9k region and the repair bill is now at 8.5k per race and will keep rising per level.  Wanted to get it to level 50 but am now thinking of selling it and stick with loan cars as the costs are too high.

When buying garage slots I was hoping to put some nice exotic cars in there but the way things stand now I'll be sticking with my Golf and M3 as I can manage those costs.  Its sad when in a game about owning/racing high performance cars you are unable to do so because the maintenance overhead is too great.

Bit of an own goal this...
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