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Grid Autosport - Agera R

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Hey everybody, how are you doing?

So I've only had Autosport since yesterday, and I am truly loving it - it's in my opinion the second best Codemasters racing game yet, right behind TOCA Racedriver 3 (nostalgia...). But one very small detail has been bothering me : the Veyron is, judging by the specs shown, faster than the Agera. I've managed to go 412 km/h with the Koenigsegg, and 405 km/h with the Bugatti (both on Autosport Raceway). So which is the fastest? In real life, I believe the Agera is faster (acceleration and top speed), but the specs in-game don't go that way.

It is good that Codemasters have decided to put the two cars at a more similar level (Agera was totally broken in Grid 2), but I would have liked to see better stats and top speed performance on behalf of the Agera.

So what do you think? Do you share my opinion? Do you think a patch is needed? A few people I know on the Internet agree with me, but I don't know if a lot of people have noticed that little detail. One other small thing that I think is a shame, is that the Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans) is not included : it would have been great for endurance and speed tests - without the chicanes on Mulsanne. DLC maybe?

So, thanks for reading.
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Well the handling is much better than in Grid 2 :D I saw a video showing that the Bugatti is faster from 0-150 km/h, but the Agera is faster onwards - thats very realistic if you check out real drag races between the two. Now we just need to know which has the better top speed...
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the specs are most likely losely based off the vehicles real life counterparts, of which the bugatti holds the record. that said, other companies are forced to attempt speed runs in one and two mile standing sprints, acceleration after the initial start is much better from the lighter, rwd hypercars. the issue is the bugatti weighs a few tons, it should never be able to keep up in the corners! its like a rocket powered vehicle, it goes fast straight, and wrecks if you go to far to the left or right. in grid autosport, just use the p1, who needs speed when you have blue flames
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