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AS RaceNet Challenges: I would like one Drift Challenge per week.

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As in Grid 2, i´m a fan about drift, i like a lot more in AS than in Grid 2. I see that the Tuning category has it included but i miss something "different" like Drift, or separate and make a new challenges for drift only, in fact there´s only 6 challenges vs. the 9 challenges in Grid 2.

If is going to be as Tuning category is organized we will see only a Drift Challenge per moth or each three weeks...and i would like every week!! XD

Well, only a suggestion and likes. Salute!!

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yes ,one part from each categorie is cool.

but why is Racenetchallenge with ki ??? this sucks

i want to beat the best lap times of my friends....if i want to drive against ki, i play singleplayer...

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