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F1 2015 PC issues with Xbox one controller


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Hi guys, i know, i'm late for it, but i have want to get the taste of the race before the 2016 opus release...

Just brought it yesterday.
I am really sad with the "F1 2015 PC", i encounter a game breaking issues with the Xbox one controller, that not allow me to play in good condition, i will explain it, hope someone have encounter this and can help me.

I am not a rookie, i have played 2010 / 2011 / 2012  a lot, and i have never encounter that problem before.

So in F1 games (like other racing games) ; i play with a controller, without assist, manual gears with custom control setting.

I always, rebind the controls for the gears to put them on the "right stick"  of the gamepad and i have never encounter any issue with that..    But with F1 2015, i got a problem, the game allow me to rebind the key, but when i am on the track, the gear not handle very well.  : ( example:  when i put a higher gear, i must hold the stick up or the gear will go down, and the bader issue is, when i want to lower my gear by pushing the stick down, they never go down.)

I am not able to play the game in manual gear, and don't want to play it without or with the default setting (default works fine)..

I have try lots of things found on google, like, shut down the HID controller, unplug XBone gamepad before laucnhing the game or try to play with the Xbox 360 gamepad, but nothing works for me.

I don't know what to do, and i really fear "F1 2016" will be just as bad as F1 2015.. i hope not for sure.
Another thing, how a one year old game can be buggy like that?  ;,and why the devellopers haven't done any fix; that not smelt good for the next opus (IMO)

My F1 2016 was preordered since a long time for now, and i have just cancel it because of the bad feeling i've got with the F1 2015.  (i will wait and see for review or testing before buying it again)

Thanks for reading me guys, sorry for poor english ;)

Hope the alpha tester will do their best for this 2016 opus ++
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i have tried your peculiar settings and i can confirm that it gives problem to me as well. Like Rosberg today the car sticks to 7th gear and cannot downshift, it's only possible to upshift to 8th.
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thanks for reply D4rio,

i think the problem is that the game is considering the sticks like only one input, whatever the direction you put it..  (appart for the view)

I only play racing game like that, and really can't do it another way, that botther me a lot :(   The strange thing is that in Dirt rally, this is the default configuration, i don't understand why they have not think to this before for F1 2015.   I have never encounter any issues with that setting, F1 2015 is the first game that don't allow that..  So sad

Hope that don't will be the same on the 2016 opus or i will cry :)

bye ++
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i don't know if it is actually possible but i suggest you to use some emulator.
x360ce might be useful for your case, as you can assign the stick position to another input (e.g. a keyobard button).
Give it a try.
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Yes i think its the only tips for my problem..
I always use Xpadder in those case, but it's the same as x360ce emulator i think..    I will take a look at it

really thanks to trying to give me some tips and help me, it's very appreciated ;) 

See ya, in F1 2016 perhaps ++
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