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Graphical glitches when crashing (AMD 5770)

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I'm getting an odd issue where if I hit a wall some graphics around the car glitch out for <1 second (smoke perhaps?). The glitches look similar to those you see when a graphics card is dieing - but it only happens when I crash, and it's only visible on things around the car

The game defaulted to High settings and I benchmarked it on Ultra to give the gpu a decent thrashing - if it's going to die it should have been apparent during that right? Nope, didn't see any issues then.

Any ideas on this?

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If you’re talking about what I think you are, it’s not a glitch, it’s a “feature”. It’s supposed to look like the in-car camera took a hit when you bump into something — so you shouldn't see it if you’re using one of the chase cam views, for example. (If you do, then we’re probably talking about something different..)
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