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F1 2015 season 2014, Graphic/Audio doesn't work as intended any longer. Settings are stuck on LOW


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When I start F1 2015 (the 2014 season,) it worked fine for quite a while, but since a few days ago something has happened that seems like a bug. When I venture into the options menu selecting graphics & then later, the audio tab, I see constantly that the game has chosen to use "custom"- graphics, instead of high or ultra high which I normally use. It doesn't matter if I choose medium or lower settings, it still remain on custom when I restart.
Most of the settings are on ultra besides those who can't go higher than "high". The settings that are on low are the ones at the bottom for some reason. If I remember correctly it is three settings that's always on "low", and two settings which always are switched off (it says "intel" besides the option, I have an intel processor but it doesn't seem to work anyway, why can't I activate them as I have an intel processor?). I try to change the three settings which are on "low" to a higher setting, medium, high or ultra but to no avail. It seem to work as it ask me if I want to keep the new higher setting and when I accept it tells me to restart. When I restart, the settings revert back to "low". I also try to change the custom setting at the top to change every setting at the same time but that doesn't work either.
One last thing, when I go into the audio settings you can choose audio quality. Mine is set to normal, but this wasn't always the case, so I try to change it back to high as I always was able to do this earlier, perhaps a new patch has frackt it up? The game then again states that a restart is needed but this doesn't help. I could always use the highest audio quality but now I can only use "normal" quality.
Please can someone enlighten me on what I can do to make this work as it did before?

PS: I have checked the file integrity yesterday (July 16) on Steam and repaired one file that was corrupted

Sincerely Yours


I have Windows 10 64bit, legally. (But I can't for some reason update the latest patch)
My hardware consists of:

Processor: i5 quadro 4th gen; 3,40GHz (4670K),
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 960 2GB,
Memory: RAM 8GB 1600MHZ,
HDD's: SSD disk which I use for windows and games that need much capacity, + 2 standard HDDs for saving larger files and such,
Power: Net-aggregate at 800-WATT,
And lastly: A motherboard that will be able to last a few year more (I always buy a really good motherboard so I don't regret it later) buy sadly I can't remember the name on the top of my head right now.
(Not that I think it matters but I have a 4K 50' TV)
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