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<-- this midlife and career gamer is excited about gaming for the first time in ages! DR + VR + FFB


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As a midlife gamer I have been gaming for over 30 years now.   I play most games and must have played tens of rally games throughout my gaming career.   Up to *just* now, my gaming habit tended to be: run through game once, have a blast, never pick it up again. I am excited to post that I have just noticed a change in this habit and I think it has to be the tech (software and hardware) has now reached a point where it is truly next gen and boy has it has made a difference!

I would say I am a mid-range enthusiast i.e. I own a DK2 and G29 and 970 GPU, not the best, but very adequate.  Racing games in VR, with a force feedback wheel are awesome because of the immersion factor but both software tech and hardware tech must synergise for the experience to really become next gen.

I realised it had become next gen, with DR potentially having serious lasting power when I bought my second car.  I went from the Mini to the Stratos.  Sure, the handling of most rally games' cars feel different but up to now I found learning each new car's nuances to be a right PITA!  I am loving it in DR!  I am enjoying the process of learning the Stratos.  I am roleplaying that I only have the cars I buy because otherwise I find the cars homogenise if you play loads of different cars once. 

I think the roads surfaces, main car graphics, audio and car physics are spot on.  Sure, the visuals are a little grainy for me (DK2) but they definitely work!  What excites me is that I have obviously seen DR's graphical potential when playing in 2D.  Imagine how DR will look when Oculus etc. release consumer version 2!  You are there!

Anyhoo!  Just felt I had to share that.  Thanks Codemasters!


@OculusOwners: you might want to try Elite Dangerous, with Horizons.  Also mental in VR. On par IYAM.  Canyon running is space's equivalent to rally driving.

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Yeah I am similar to you and been gaming since the early 80's ... VR is life changing and for sim racing enthusiasts it is an incredible realisation of lifetime dream, to feel like you are actually in the car.  I had dk2 and now CV1 and the step up is certainly worth it, moreso since dRally VR got released.  With a good wheel. cockpit and motion there is nothing better except possibly real life racing, but then you have all the expense and danger !  This will do me !!!
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