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Racenet leaderboards not showing true positions.

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Hey guys,

So im doing the racenet events and did the touring car one thinking "oh I'm actually doing good at this one, only 3 seconds off #1 slot after my first runs". So I wrote down the #1 time on my global leaderboard (4:26.617), tried a few more times and beat it by a fraction! Thinking woo I went to check the leaderboards again and the #1 time is now 4:24.267 for me and I'm down in 21st with my 26.5.

Any idea what bug/'feature' this is?
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Same problem here. Not showing the true top times or my position but instead a section of times close to mine and always 21st. Every time I improve I'm in a new bracket of times but still 21st. I have to go to the racenet website to see the real top times and my position.
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Hyphy said:
I think it shows for the top percentile you are in. So if you are in the top 40 percentile, it will show the leaderboard for that range.
No, it always shows only the 20 times in front and behind you. It classifies you as 21st, which is in 99.999% false. At one discipline I'm at position 47 a.t.m., but ingame I'm listed at 21, consequently showing positions 26 to 67. 
The 'jump to the top' button also just shows the 1st in your group (in my case 26), not the real first. Especially in time attack, where you can chose a players lap as ghost it is annoying, as, after doing your first run, you aren't able to select one from the top runners anymore.
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