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I've never had to wait for preorder bonus material for any other game besides we got the livery's, sponsors we should get the car at the same time.I mean it does say that the sls is part of the exclusive limited black edition. & it doesn't say that you have to buy it . I mean really, am I now suppose to buy a 100,000 dollar slot & then buy the so called bonus car.? or will it eventually show up in my cars? someone give me a straight answer.
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This is the announcement of the Black Edition:

"One of the key bits of feedback we took from GRID 2 was that you didn’t care for a wide spread of pre-order bonuses, you wanted something more simple, tracks were a no-go and most importantly, you wanted something that wouldn’t fragment the Community itself.

All these thoughts were taken into account when devising the GRID Autosport pre-order offering, so, with this in mind we’d like to introduce you to the Black Edition.

Included inside are the following:

  • Exclusive Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series car

  • Exclusive Black Edition white Ravenwest liveries for Black Edition cars

  • Online premium sponsors

  • 20 extra ‘Black Edition’ online livery patterns

  • 10 new sponsors with objectives"

So, going by this, it does sound as though you have a valid reason for complaint. Nowhere, I've read all the blog entries, does it say that you have to purchase the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series car, in fact, all blogs state, as above, that the car is included.

Maybe somebody from Codies will make an official comment on this matter?
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ive been trying to sort this for ages. YES so do have to buy the sls if you want it. It is not free. The liveries I have an issue with. You don't know which are the new ones. I think that they are slightly different from the normal ones so it is  hard to tell which are the dlc ones. Its is a big rip off. They might as well of not included any dlc because it certainly feels like none has been added
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