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Server power and connection

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I've played online session's on F1 for a long time but I've noticed the connection to their servers have been worse than before. I'm running a 70meg internet connection (Wired) most of the time I refresh my router and test my connection, but still the same. Is there any way they could bring back the server in france they had in 2010?? I am the host of a session and send invite's to other people with similar connection and it's still the same   
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lordp said:

Quazal Rendez-vous SDK - used for creating lobbies only, the actual racing would have still been peer-to-peer.

I understand. So it's server/peer to peer in other words, I did some reading of the Quazal and peer to peer wiki's it looks like the game was developed with that in mind. P2P it's all well and good, but a server instead would be better. I understand codemasters may not have the resources available and I feel sorry for them because of that.

Between person to person(P2P) and the data being sent (upload/download) would not fluctuate (latency) as much on this game as it's fast paced, if it happened to be coming from a server (Not relient on the hosts connection P2P while playing the game) the connection coming from a server while playing the game would be equal. Depending on connection in you home to that server and not the host's. If the host had set up a session on the server and his connection was crap and he/she was disconnected from the session for some reason, the other player's would still be able to continue in that session without taking the other player's out of the session with him. That's what I liked with F12010. Obviously you can still continue playing the game with P2P in F1 2013 if the host quits and that's ok even though you might disconnect too, it still wouldn't be as good as connected to a live server. In a nutshell I just wish codies had more resources and money to play with guy's ;)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_server

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