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Year of our Lord; 2016. A crowd will gather for a Grand Prix in Hungary.


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Jiggy said:
A Mexicola-topic did it again, the activeness, only got like 4 pages out of it before the start of the race even and all he had to do is pretend to be a religious nut in the topic title.
I was going to say exactly the same thing. It always seems to be whenever I start these threads that the third world kerfuffle occurs.
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After the thrillers we've had in the past 2 years, this was a more typical Hungary race. Everything decided on lap 1, aside from a few strategy calls.

Rosberg once again weak in wheel to wheel combat - ahead in to turn 1 and with the superior position to turn in, but he more or less waved Lewis up the inside. 
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Imagine if we removed the Mercedes right now - the table would be 

1.  Ricciardo - 115
2. Raikkonen - 114
3. Vettel - 110
4. Vestappen - 100

And constructors 

1. Ferrari - 224
2. Red Bull - 223

In two cars that are almost equal to one another as well, I've never been so upset that Mercedes exist. Honestly, I'd kill to make this a reality, we haven't had a proper title fight between two different cars for almost 4 years. :/ 

Maybe we should start a petition.
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