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Suggestion for RACENET challenges!

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I dont know if this is happening to all of you.... But i got the platinums on all the racenet challenges last week and got the platinum medal bonus rewards which is great!!! Although..... I get platinums this week and get no bonuses.... They are different races, different cars, completely different events so how does it make sense that i dont continue to get the platinum bonuses?? Besides it seem Codemasters are making it very expensive to get garage slots and cars, which is amazing because I like a challenge... On the downside you dont get much money from everything else, so in order to help balance it out a little bit I would suggest when a new week of RACENET challenges comes out allow us to get the platinum medal because afterall it is a completely different challenge from before... Please consider this!! 

I would love everyones feedback on this as well...
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A fun recurring thing for party mode would be to have different car types on the demo derby course. How fun would it be to have the Migilia's zipping around the course. Or the Indycars? Now that would be fun & yes crazy! That is what Party Mode should be all about! 
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