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GRID Autosport Drifting Review by a Veteran Drifter

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What I'm about to review is certainly the viewpoint of a minority from the whole GRID Autosport community, that's right, it's the Drifting which falls in the Tuner category.

Like many others who played GRID 1 solely or mainly for the drifting, we were looking forward for the GRID 2, anxiously awaiting a better drifting experience than what we had in GRID 1, sadly, this was not the case at all and certainly a lot of people, me included, were honestly angry about the rubbish they called "drifting" in GRID 2. It lacked ALL the basic aspects of RWD drifting that GRID 1 had, not only that, you could hardly get any angle from the cars. I played GRID 2 for 20 hours before I gave up on it, feeling utterly betrayed from my great expectations.

Now like most of people, I looked at GRID Autosport very skeptically but what sparked my interest was rumors of completely revamped drifting system to make it closer to GRID 1 level. After anxiously waiting for news to arise, I got some assuring news from my clan leader of SRS13, Rastus1701E, who had early access to the GAS and he told me to keep my hopes up for drifting.

Surely enough once I got my hands on the game and I went to try out drifting, I was right at home after few hours of practice and getting used to the drifting physics! The most noticeable thing right off the bat was that the drift cars sound amazing, especially my long time JDM favorite Nissan Silvia S15. Couldn't have been happier to drift that beast sideways course after course. What else is good? The very hard AI can actually put up a good fight in drifting, unlike in GRID 1 where you could literally win the AI without ANY serious effort!

GRID Autosport drifting things I'm positively happy about:
+ The drifting feels more lively, it is certainly a good step forward from the abomination called GRID 2
+ The AI can put up a good fight making sure you don't want to get too high on your horse when drifting
+ Extensive tuning capabilities
+ RaceNet liveries available for anyone in the same club
+ The penalizing system in general
+ Spectator mode camera options

Things I'm negative about:
- The penalizing system, for what it is good for it is in need of some improvements too 
Namely, hitting a cone at the beginning of a section makes you unable to score ANY points in that section. This feature needs an overhaul where it gives a points penalties before discarding you from scoring the length of a WHOLE section. Example: you could hit 1-2 cones depending how big the section is and get points reduction penalties from that section instead, while smaller sections could have harsher point penalties enforced. Going off-track or spinning should still have the same penalties they do, as they make a lot more sense. 
- The restriction of having only 2 cars on track at once instead of multiple opponents like in GRID 1
I understand the whole tandem ordeal for the racing setting, but it would be neat to be able to choose whether you want to do regular 1v1 tandem, or team tandem where you can have multiple cars going side by side. 
- Lack of chat window similar to GRID 1
This was one function in the Multiplayer which made playing online so much more fun and increased the longevity and enjoyability of the online gaming.

Things I'm looking forward to / hoping for in the future:
~ More drift car availability for both C1 & C2 classes
~ More drift tracks for both C1 & C2 classes
~ Spoilers and body work tuning options
~ A developer tool for making your own tracks

Drift car wishlist:
Toyota Chaser "JZX100" (C2)
Honda S2000 (C2)
Toyota 86 (C2)
Nissan Skyline R34 (C1)
Toyota Supra (C1)
Ford Mustang '14 (C1)

Overall I rate the drifting aspect coupled with the other options as muy bueno grade 9/10 for both single and multiplayer. 

All in all, I really enjoy drifting in GRID Autosport, but sadly the drifting community is small as ever, making few old GRID 1 buddies the go-to choice, as I can't seem to find any Drifters online.

This is my review, what is yours? 
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Couldn't agree more with all of the above.

There is only a few things I can think to add, more scoring zones on certain tracks, Particularly Okutama, this track lends itself to drifting with a great flow to it, In Grid 1 we spent DAYS worth of time mastering a flowing pattern that used every aspect of the track, some of us were even able to drift the entire start finish straight in one go... So why do only half the corners count towards your drift score?

Also missing are some of the BEST tracks for drifting, such as Washington, Long beach, the downhill with all it's insane hairpins and bridge parapets to catch out the unwary, even the touge track which was added (in The Mt Haruna drift mod) with no scores at all was a joy to drift from top to bottom and then back up again, just for the fun of it.....

Vitally important and also missing are advanced controller settings for both KB and controllers, I can't stress enough how important these can be, the ability to adjust the speed of the steering response with the linearity, and not just for drifting.

Having said that I have seen the Tyler MacQuarrie Camaro SS drift car make an appearance so I HOPE ther's a drift pack with some of the cars mentioned above and a return to some of the tracks we loved to drift, either that or let us drift the Race tracks, points or no points, doesn't matter to us drift fanatics it's all about the fun you can have with EVERYBODY on track at the same time, nose to tail @ stupid speeds SIDEWAYZ but still in full control.

the only gripe I have with things as they stand is the damage picked up, these cars are set up for drifting so why does a tuned drift car suffer almost 10% "damage" in a one lap drift event, even at Hockenheim? This makes drift events almost pointless as you barely earn enough to cover the cost of the repairs..

I really want to see more open drift tracks like Okutama, dump Hockenhiem as it's just 2 corners with a single tail flip the other way...

On the whole a good effort and I hope it gets better soon with more tracks and cars and the ability to drift ANY track would be a boon...

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Totally agree with OP Zappac; here another modest Drift fan who is very happy with the new mechanics and system in  AS than the "weird" Grid 2 to say something, even i use to be in the top 10-5 in the challenges but maybe because a take the trick of that particular way of "drift" that really is not drift.

All in all, altought i see less people fan in drift each day....i hope that CM extends the tracks, cars and possiblities as much, and basically because now they did a VERY, VERY DECENT DRIFT AND VERY FUN, CONTROLABLE AND WITH MORE "WAYS" TO ATTACK A TURN OR LINE.

I created a club called Drift or Die  XD, go figure!! , anyway, i´m in love with this new drift, not perfect but sooo fun.

I hope new cars like you mentioned and the tTler Mcquarrie Camaro wich is in my avatar!! and like a lot the smooth of this car.

The idea of creating tracks is great!! because is much easier than long tracks and it doesn´t need too much tools to create godd short tracks.

I would add the idea to have a weekly drift challenge regardless of the Tuner category, i miss this week and the last week.

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I agree with the penalizing system. It's also worth noting going off course hardly affects your score. It can be more beneficial to go on the wrong side of the entry cones off track than to hit them. I agree there should be a party mode that allows 12+ people to drift on track at once I would love to run some tandem trains. Physics are spot on to real world as far as feel goes. I did notice doing tight figure eights in 2nd gear didn't handle right but that's nitpicking. Brands Hatch is amazing for big Japanese style entries I love going in two gears too high and throwing it 90° to the entry clip less than a foot away before putting the power back down and drifting out of the turn. I would say I disagree with the S2000 for C2. It's just not a good drift car. Would rather see the Soarer make a return. As far as C1 'famous' cars are concerned. We gotta get Danny George's NB V8 miata. There's nothing else like it and I doubt he would be anything but thrilled to see his car in a game. Tyler's camaro is a good pick too. I'd say either Taka Aono's 2AZ 86 or one of the many BRZ/FRS/GT86's at the pro level in FD and D1. I got some good tandem footage but my home internet is down after a storm so uploading has been delayed. Still having too much fun in the FD3S great job codemasters!
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alexPSCE said:
i have to agree with 90% of the OP's statement, and that 10% isnt worth mentioning. good review if you ask me what system you play on? im always looking for more people to skid with, xbox360 gt- alex98sc10
Will add you Monday when I get my internet back. Down for some tandem goodness
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We both play on PC, I use a G27 wheel and Zappac uses Keyboard to devastating effect. This is just one of the thousands of drift sessions we had in Grid 1.


Courtesy of Zappacs yt channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/MirZZi

Personal favorite he took has gotta be this one just for the tunes using the Mt Haruna mod for Grid 1.


One of the best sessions we had has gotta be this one as we BOTH got vids of the same race.
There's a moment when 3 cars are all heading for the same spot of track from different directions and STILL somehow managed to miss each other! (see from 16:30 onwards for that)


Here's the same race from my viewpoint where you see how close we came to a 3 car wipeout (1:50 onwards is the same stretch)


That's really the only thing missing from GAS drift, the ability to drift with a bunch of people at the same time just for the hell of it...

I'd love to see a return to Yokohama docks freestyle as well I love skimming between the lamp posts and walls.


I wanted to see long beach because of this.


GAS is great for drifting but still to limited in scope, a return to some of these Grid 1 features would be very gratefully received :)
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That looks so fantastic what u guys do in those video`s, besides the technic, skill etc, it must take a whole lot of great discipline and concentration not only to drift but also not touching each other.

Is this year`s of *training* ? and do u drive with hood cam?

Me personally manage only to ,well i cant say drift anymore after seeing this vids :)) ,but oke *drift* with the camera behind the car, with hood i lose the feeling/grip of the car and corner``s.

Anyway awesome video`s

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Yes I use bonnet cam as I prefer seeing where the car is pointed at all times, as well as where it's going. it means there are 2 "focal" points, one in line with the nose and a second that moves around depending on drift angle. 

Having both "focal" points visible and fixed relative to the car helps as there is no "sway" as with chase cam, this distorts the angle and looks more dramatic in replays though.

As for the skills yes I guess it did take lots of practicing (but not years lol) and watching others to see and hear what they were doing, more importantly HOW they did it.
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You guys done any tandem in GAS yet? I'll post my footage from a random lobby I maganged to get someone to tandem in Monday.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP4ucOMb04g This was my first test vid. The audio level is a little high but it was a pretty good four lap session. First my view then the replay. I nail the entry cones to the second turn in second session both laps with the second lap pulling it through the entire corner.
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I absolutely hate drifting with a passion. Maybe its because I'm a wheel guy that like to use cockpit view so its not fun for me at all. Not to mention I can work the car at all with the wheel, so I have to switch to controller every time a Drift event comes up. Some times my Xbox, links up properly and sometimes not. Frustration sets in when I have to cut my Xbox off to switch to my controller because it won't sync to Player one when switching over. Also I noticed with the physics in general of this game sometimes the car is just very inconsistent even when you have Arced the car in and hit the handbrake to rotate, it just wants to go straight or slide off the track. 
I just wished they had placed Drifting in its own little section, because I like the Muscle Cars, Modified, and JDM's in the Turner Section. They are fun to drive with a wheel. 
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I agree CM hasn't gotten using a wheel right so I use the controller for the GRID games but I often drift Forza 4 with my MS wheel in cockpit view. They want to straighten because that's how the real cars work. You have to use the throttle to keep the car rotating because the tires have so much grip. Try the setup I used at the beginning of my video with a controller and use 3rd and 4th gear sometimes I go 5th on the long sweepers if I'm carrying enough speed. The real cars aren't just e brake and go anymore and I'm glad the games are following. It takes skill and practise to drift at a high level or I would have stuck with trying to get into stage rally and the DiRT series for practise. Drifting is just way more fun when you start getting it right.
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Yeah, you have skills, when it comes to that, I just don't have the patience to practice drifting. I've raced for 20 years many different kind of cars, and I've always tried to maintain grip, and with drifting its all about sliding the car around, lol, its just not natural, I've got a CSR wheel and I've tried the recommended wheel settings for drift, but still no bueno!
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LOL! Sorry guys I'm not poking fun here, but I use a G27 wheel for drifting, Zappac on the other hand, uses Keyboard.

I'd far rather help you out by answering questions, if I can help you get more fun from drifting then there's more people enjoying it :)

From what you describe @mikevoltz1, you're maybe entering the drift at too high a speed to be able hold the car on track, too much speed and no amount of throttle will recover it.

Use analogue triggers for gas and brake if you have them as it give much more control mid drift.

Throwing the car into the corner at too high a speed like in Grid 2 won't work.

The thing with GAS drift is, it's all about throttle management, not flooring the gas pedal. Measured and precise throttle application allows you to effectively change the drift angle with the throttle, any over rotation and you can turn in more and lift a little off the gas to bring the back end in.

I made some drift vids of the press preview I played, if you listen in some of the slower speed corners you can hear I'm only just applying gas and maintaining the speed or if need be a small increase to send the back out more.

In the early phase of each drift I'm feathering the throttle in order to control the speed, angle and the turn itself all with the throttle and countersteer.


I'll be making some more vids in the near future using Manual as I'm beginning to get to grips with it for drifting.

Of note as well if you get into a drift event, remember it's all about being in control of the drift and not just fishtailing all over the place.

Turn off the assists for drift events or they will against everything you do all the way, even the auto gears can get stuck on the rev limiter when it could do with going up a gear.

Most importantly.... RELAX! Be smooth, be gentle, don't go too fast, look ahead of the car and not at it, see the track and where you wanna go.

It ain't for everyone, but if you wanna learn, just ask a few of us nutters we don't bite and most of us like to help :D
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Aww mann you missed a pretty damned good session with a few old names from the past dude. good challenging competition :)


Big shout to all who were in there at some point or another the session was even full for a while lol, some really good drifters about :)
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Good vid dude. It really shows what was missing from Grid 2 drift (namely the ability to make adjustments mid drift....)

Just posted a new one myself of a session from last night,


in eyefinity but should play just as well on a single screen or trips :)
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Smooooth man your lines are supper smooth. I would just say try shortening the gears and using 4th. Your angle seems limited in most corners due to running out of revs. Wouldn't be surprised to see you pulling 11+ mil in 4 with your lines and more angle. Maybe a little closer to the clips for style. I definitely need to get smooth mid corner I'm getting there but I started out wanting to do super aggressive entries. I was close to your score in my first vid with the RX7 and a couple of collisions. I think there's room for us both to get higher scores.
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Thanks for that dude, I only just started using manual gears in drifting this week as I was never at an instinctive level of how to get the best from manual gears. Untill recently I could very rarely beat my laptimes when I tried manual for racing etc.

I had the ratios set that long as when using auto, I found the gearbox seems to get mired in bashing the rev limiter to death and never wanted to upshift when you needed it to. You can see my lack of "instinctive correctve action" when the back end stepped out too far on me during lap 2.

As for the track, it lends itself perfectly to smooth drifting, all those sweeping corners one after another lend themselves to drifting the entire track and not just the scoring zones. A side effect of doing this type of drifting is you are almost always at the best entry speed for the next corner.

As for the angle of the dangle, using fraps to record live gameplay (even on the beast of a rig I use) was leading to some pretty bad stuttering as I played, so I think the next thing on the purchase list is a decent video capture card that doesn't "steal" fps like fraps does.
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Well to be that good with auto gears means you'll be one heck on an opponent when you get manual gears down. Don't worry about downshifting until you're below half your revs you can use most of your toque curve to keep the tires spinning and achieve faster drifts. And yeah fraps I can definitely see holding you back. Good to hear you're pushing yourself that's what I've been trying to do with only countersteering as it's still possible to drift with 0° on th wheels or even turning into the slide.
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