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Grid Autosport Crashes to Black Screen with sound in Background - SOLVED

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Been playing grid auto sport till level 3 on all disciplines in career mode without any issues. Recently switched to custom cups for longer races in endurance car. Initially no issues completing few races now the game crashes to a black screen with sound stuck in background leaving no choice but to restart the PC. Surprisingly, I also experienced similar crash in the settings menu as I set the lap number to a higher numbers. Also noted that three times the crash happened as soon as contact is made from my bumper to the car in front. Tried turning of smoke shadows but of no use.

An excellent game otherwise :-bd

I am running the game on-

CPU- i7-2600k, 
GPU- Msi Gtx 560ti 1gb (337.88)
RAM- 16gb
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It may not be of help to all but I think I found a solution.

Initially I was using an additional GTS450 along with GTX560ti. I placed the extra card for second monitor as 2nd DVI port on my 560 is broken. But my 2nd monitor died last week and I pulled the 450 to save power.

The second card was handling PhysX. As the game crashes happened during dynamic collisions, I thought reverting to two card setup. To my surprise I haven't seen that black screen crash whole day. I have raced endurance in career and 12-16 lap custom races on Algrave and San Francisco successfully. 
I will test it furthur whole weekend and hope to mark this post as solved.

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Hi @Langoorji

hope you are good. well done for tackling this your self.

what puzzles me is that you were running second card for physX ( no problem there ) but with a monitor pluged into that card.... ? if you are running a card for dedi physX then your monitors should all go through your primary .. otherwise defeating the objective.. 
( not ment to sound rude by the way )
but never mind about that now.. sorry to hear your monitor died.. its a pain in the arse when they give up like that.

make sure you check your nvidia control setup that physx is set to the right option. gpu/cpu. 

Other thing when installing Beta Drivers it is best to do a complete Re-Install of the driver package. as beta do carry bugs.  ( although i will admit its a pain if you use custom profiles for your applications as they will be deleted on clean re-install )

Please feel free to view the main tips & tweaks discussion. just incase it helps with something you over looked or havnt tried.  ( reviewing your problem sounds like an issue i had had regarding av firewall protection as the game was attempting to access memory and etc. it may be worth checking that you have a rule in any av & firewall applications. that said you have a fix. but if this issue comes back it may be worth looking into. )

enjoy Racing :)

Sgt Drayke

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Hi Drayke,

I am running single monitor fed by primary GTX 560ti. Second card is installed and powered but is not feeding any display. In nvidia control panel, physx processer auto selected 450 gts for physx.

Before 2nd monitor died, I used to switch to single display quickly using win + P whenever playing games. I hope it is a valid setup or else I muust be assuming phyx is being handled dedicatedly.

Anyhow the game seems to be stable for now and I am glad. 

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hi Langoorji

good to hear your able to play the game.

i only commented onthe 450gts because if your running it as a dedicated physx card you dont want any monitors connected to it.
plus you said in your post you pulled it to save power hents why i said check you nvidia control panel has adjusted its settings.

enjoy the game.  :)

Sgt Drayke

hey Checkout my Youtube videos discussion
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Thanks Drayke. By the way, a decent channel content you've compiled there  :-O

I 've been playing 10+ lap races whole weekend. No problems, no game crashes with over an hour long sessions.

To me it is clear that this issue is directly related to physx. It will be my pleasure if somehow this is of any use to developers.

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