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Livery Challenge // The World Cup Edition

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Last week we laid down our first ever livery challenge, and boy did you deliver! Our inboxes were flooded with cars painted in their red, white and blue stylings and we’ve had a tough job choosing some of our favourites, but choose we did. You’ll find our picks of the bunch down below.

We’ve had football fever all through the World Cup but with it coming to an end and our wall chart is all but complete we’ve decided to say farewell in the best way we can, painting cars.

For this week’s challenge you’re tasked with creating liveries based on a World Cup country colours.

Colours: Any, recreate/represent your favourite world cup country
Car: Any
Pattern: Any

Once you’ve completed your livery, simply send it to gridgame@codemasters.com or post them in the comments below!

To view our favourites from last week check out the blog.

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Stop having competitions and fix the stupid save glitch you idiots!! Whats the point of sitting there for hours making a nice livery when your save file is corrupt and you may never see it again.....

Sort your priorities out Codemasters

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