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GRID Autosport - This IS Racing Cinematic (HD)

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There were a lot of us from our RaceNet team online yesterday, racing with members from GRT. Some great online racing took place, clean (mostly!) with some good driving lines. Take a look:


There's a YouTube video and the Full HD source file above - Sorry, I tried posting the YouTube video directly but it's blocked in some country's unfortunately. If it is blocked, you'll need to download the MP4 from the link above to watch instead.

Thanks to everyone who was online yesterday to capture this. This is my first video like this so please let me know what you think.

Finally, for those that keep on asking me when I make videos, the background track used is Republica - Ready To Go. The videos I upload are all captured full-frame at 60Mb/Sec via Nvidia ShadowPlay and edited with various effects, layers and custom transitions in Adobe Premier Professional CS6.

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