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Suggestion: Scale Money and XP to race length


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So far I feel a bit penalized by the way xp and money is distributed. It is always the same base amount, regardless of how long I drive.
I've already read about people complaining about Clans that do 1 lap races to boost their rating. I really don't care about that, BUT as I get better sponsors only with higher levels, it bothers me still.

I like longer races of 5+ laps, but at the moment your system punishes this by giving way less xp and money in comparison to the time I spent racing. So I think scaling cash and xp to the number of laps driven, or even the distance driven (according to 'official' track length) would balance the online mode tremendously.
Everyone could drive what he likes and how long he likes and wouldn't suffer from this disadvantage. A good balance shouldn't let some people getting further with less effort, just because they use the game to their own advantage.
I'd even go further and add a bonus for every additional lap. So 1 Lap 100%, 2 Laps 205%, 3 Laps 310% etc... 'cause really, a longer race is more challenging than only one or two laps.

Of course, to prevent misusing of that, a player has to complete a certain amount of laps, or simply gets paid for every lap begun. Otherwise in this scenario it would be easy to enter a race and only one drives till the end and the rest just gets a smoke.

I'd love to see that in the not too distant future.
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Currently the thought process behind it didn't take into account that players will abuse anything to get further ahead ingame. So Players doing 1 laps of Indy to "boost" is easily the fastest way. Having races where it's scaled per race length would remove that need and normal racing would recommence as boosting would become a non-issue. Your percentage increase in length is about right too as the time and concentration needed for a longer race is certainly more than a single lap of Indy :D

Maybe make the algorithm take into account time and laps to account for the fact that some laps are extremely short and others are over 2mins in some cars (Spa I'm looking at you!!!).
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