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Photonik said:

That is not correct. Removing the leaderboards wouldn't solve the problem. Someone doing 1lap-races has that xp advantage in getting new sponsors earlier, leveling up the car much faster and earning more money, as their car, in terms of races done (and therefore prize money won) gets more money with less deterioration. 

With 1 lap races, there should be no problem in getting a car to lvl 99 and still gain money from races. My highest car is lvl 62 and I'm at the point, where ony 2nd or better in a full field gets me enough money to pay repairs... and that was already done with the BoostPack and 90% 3 lap races.

This needs to be done to balance the game experience for every type of player, regardless of leaderboards.

The removal of the leaderboards would solve the problem as it would remove the public access to everyone's XP level.  You can't complain about something that you don't have any knowledge of.

I think that the time has come for the community to start an official petition to remove the leaderboards. 

False, you can still see their discipline levels in the lobby.

You can see discipline levels but not XP.  The whole discussion is based on the leaderboards which reflect XP.

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CODEK726 said:
ESPAÑOL: hola a todos, quisiera comentarles algo que pienso y quisiera conocer sus opiniones al respecto. LOORE si lees este post agradecería mucho que me dieras tu respuesta u opinión.

 Creo que desde el primer momento que Grid Autosport fue anunciado, se lo promociono como un juego mucho mas competitivo que grid 2, volviendo al estilo TOCA. Mas cerca del simulador que el arcade. una vez probado el juego, puedo ver ciertos aspectos del juego que me hacen pensar que CODEMASTERS quizo hacer un juego realmente competitivo, duradero y mas justo que las anteriores versiones en el modo online.
La primera para mencionar, es que los autos estan mejor ubicados en sus categorias, lo cual los hace mas nivelados.
Tenemos la opcion de modificar los reglajes del auto, para ajustarlos a un estilo de conduccion en particular.
Podemos equiparles mejoras a medida que usemos el mismo auto con mas frecuencia, es como si ganara prestigio.
Podemos desactivar las asistencias, y asi aumentar la dificultad de conduccion. como premio obtenemos mejor puntuacion.
Si chocamos los autos, debemos repararlos. Lo cual nos cuesta dinero, y necesitamos dinero para obtener mas autos y asi participar en la mayor cantidad de categorias posibles.
Lo que mencione anteriormente, fuerza a muchos pilotos a conducir mejor si es que quieren avanzar en el juego. Asi es como obtenemos carreras limpias, sin tantos choques y mas serias.
Si entramos en racenet, tenemos la posibilidad de formar una equipo de carreras, y asi competir contra otros para hacer el juego aun mas atractivo.
En Racenet tambien tenemos mejoradas las estadisticas y compraciones con otros pilotos amigos o bien con el promedio de la comunidad de racenet.

Todas estas características demuestran una clara intención de lograr un juego realmente competitivo y dificil de completar.


Por que correr una carrera de 1 unica vuelta paga lo mismo que una de 2, 3, 4 o 5 vueltas?

Existe gente que corre carreras a una unica vuelta sin parar durante horas y recibe los mismos premios que los que corren a 3, 4, o 5 vueltas en mucho menos tiempo.
De esa manera obtienen muchos XP, lo cual como todos sabemos significa puntos de experiencia. En mi opinion adquieren puntos, pero no experiencia.

No podemos hacer nada contra estas personas, porque no utilizan trucos ni hacks, simplemente el juego les permite hacerlo y toman ventaja de ese fallo.

Eso resulta legal pero injusto para la gran mayoria de las personas que juegan el juego de la manera en que aparentemente deberia ser jugado.
Permitiendo esto, todos los puntos fuertes del juegos no valen nada, cualquier persona puede hacerlo y asi obtener muchos XP y mucho dinero de forma muy facil y rapida accediendo a todos los autos y categorias convirtiendo esto en un GRID 2 con un estilo de conducción un poco mas real y nada mas que eso. Ademas cualquier tipo de puntuacion no tendria sentido, y las estadisticas arrojarian valores irreales.
Por lo tanto, el cocepto de competitividad estaria absolutanmente perdido.


Por favor dejen sus comentarios, muchas gracias a todos los usuarios y a CODEMASTERS por el continuo esfuerzo en brindarnos mejores juegos cada vez.


ENGLISH: hi all, would like to mention something I think and would like to know your opinions. If you read this post LOORE grateful you gave me your answer or opinion. 

  I think from the beginning that Grid Autosport was announced, I promote it as a much more competitive game than grid 2, back to TOCA style. Closer to the simulator than the arcade . once tried the game, I can see certain aspects of the game that make me think that CODEMASTERS wanted to make a really competitive, sustainable and fairer game than previous versions in the online game mode. 
The first to mention is that the cars are better placed in their category, making them more even. 
We have the option to change the settings of the car to suit driving style in particular. 
We can equip improvements as we use the same car more often, it's like winning prestige. 
We can turn off the assists, and thus increase the difficulty of driving. as a reward we get better punctuation. 
If we hit the cars, we must repair them. Which costs us money, and we need money to get more cars and thus participate in as many possible categories. 
What previously mentioned, force many drivers to drive better if they want to advance in the game. This is how we get clean runs, without so many crashes and more serious. 
If we enter Racenet, we have the possibility of forming a racing team and compete against others, well to make the game even more attractive. 
In Racenet also have improved the statistics and comparisons with other friends or average pilots at Racenet community. 

All these features show a clear intention to achieve a truly competitive and difficult to complete game. 


Why only 1 lap race pays the same as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 laps? 

There are people racing only 1 lap races non-stop for hours and get the same prizes that those who run a 3, 4 or 5 laps race in much less time. 
Thus obtained many XP, which as we all know means experience points. In my opinion they earn points, but no experience. 

We can not do anything against these people because they do not use tricks or hacks, just the game allows them to do so and take advantage of that ruling. 

That is legal but unfair to the vast majority of people who play the game the way it should be played apparently. 
Allowing this, all the strengths of the games are worthless, anyone can do it and get so many XP and lots of money in a very quick and easy way,  access to all the cars and turning this into a category GRID 2 with a more realistic driving style and nothing more than that. Also any type of punctuation would be meaningless, and the statistics would yield unrealistic values​​. 
Therefore, the competitiveness cocept would be absolutly lost. 


Please leave your comments, thank you very much to all users and CODEMASTERS by continuous effort in providing us best games ever. 

I also like to add that 1 lap time attacks give the most xp, if you put ai, and few players, u can get 4700+xp for even a 1 lap time attacks
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