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WRC 2014 Round 4 - Rally de Portugal


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Round 4 of the WRC starts tomorrow with a Super Special Stage taking place in Lisbon and it looks like it could be a bit of a wet one!

I'll be posting up news and photos as and when I find them but please feel free to do the same. I thought it might be fun to run a bit of a fantasy league too so let's hear who think will finish in the top 5 and I'll dish up some prizes for whoever guesses correctly.

I'm going with

  1. Latvala
  2. Ogier
  3. Neuville
  4. Evans
  5. Ostberg
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Should be a great, drama-filled event as usual :D 

Top Picks for the event:

1. Ogier
2. Latvala (funny how the 2 VWM drivers are first and second...)
3. Neuville
4. Ostberg
5. Prokop (usually very good at being consistent)

Congrats on the forums, looks fantastic!! 
I hope to get involved in the DiRT crowd again :)
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It's very hard...

1 Ogier
2 Latvala
3 Neuville
4 Sordo
5 Solberg

By the way, Shakedown results:

1º        J. M. Latvala VW Polo R WRC    3m05’2s 

2º        H.Solberg      Ford Fiesta WRC    3m06’0s

3º        S. Ogier         VW Polo R WRC     3m07’1s 

4º        D. Sordo        Hyundai i20 WRC   3m07’8s 

5º        M. Hirvonen  Ford Fiesta WRC    3m08’3s 

6º        J. Hänninen Hyundai i20 WRC   3m15’4s

7º        T. Neuville    Hyundai i20 WRC   3m08’5s

8º        R. Kubica      Ford Fiesta WRC    3m10’2s

9º        M. Ostberg    Citroën DS3 WRC  3m10’3s

10º      A. Mikkelsen VW Polo R WRC     3m10’5s

11º      O. Tänak       Ford Fiesta WRC    3m10’8s

12º      K. Meeke       Citroën DS3 WRC  3m10’8s

13º      Q. Al-Qassimi           Citroën DS3 WRC  3m13’3s

14º      E. Evans       Ford Fiesta WRC    3m16’3s

15º      M. Prokop      Ford Fiesta WRC     3m18’1s

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Morning loop has been completed, no one is right so far but there is plenty of time yet! Sounds like Evans and Kubica have both gone off, so that's one of my predictions come in earlier than expected!

I thought Sordo would do well, but I didn't choose him because the lack of power at Hyundai.... but I guess that was a wrong choice from me :D

But I am still excited! soo close 9 seconds between number 6 and 1 will be a close epic battle!

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Stage 10-13


End result of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal

1.1FRAS. OGIERM3:33:20.4
2.5FINM. HIRVONENM3:34:03.6+43.2+43.2
3.4NORM. OSTBERGM3:34:32.8+29.2+1:12.4
4.9NORA. MIKKELSENT3:38:10.9+3:38.1+4:50.5
5.16NORH. SOLBERG3:38:30.6+19.7+5:10.2
6.21CZEM. PROKOPT3:41:47.6+3:17.0+8:27.2
7.7BELT. NEUVILLEM3:41:52.7+5.1+8:32.3
8.8FINJ. HÄNNINENM3:42:12.0+19.3+8:51.6

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