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Grid 2 - Default liveries in Career

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Is there any way to use a default cars' liveries in career? All of my cars are white colour + Hero decal right from the start of the game. I tried to google, found two different approaches, but none of them work:

1) "Use F2 button to change a livery while you're on "Select car" screen" - Instead my F2 button is for "View car". Same in "My vehicles" section and before a race. I tried to press every button on my keyboard, haven't found any changing livery.

2) "Restart a career and don't use "Apply to All vehicles" option when you're choosing livery" - all the same, neither I use "Apply to THIS vehicle" nor even just go to "Done" first time they offer me to choose it. And there is no other options relating to liveries. Seems like white+hero scheme is defaultly applied to all of my vehicles.

Do you have any suggestions?
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