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Grid autosport Car tuning options problem

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Hey guys I'm having a really annoying glitch where every time I turn autosport on all my online car tuning options have changed and the majority of them that Ive already bought I have to buy again. I know I'm not the only person this is happening to and it's well annoying that we should have to waste time and cash we've earnt in game doing it all again. Codies please don't let this game go the same way as grid 2 bugs wise cause it's a great game being spoiled by pathetic problems that will eventually make us not wanna play or for that matter purchase any future grid titles.
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I just had this glitch/problem/bug/major annoyance happen to me tonight! But for me it only happens to my ADC Preteza, And of course, the car is around level 27 so the adjustment prices were fairly high, especially buying them all at once! And having to buy them again. I think I have had to buy them all again like 3 times now. 
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