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25 didgit code in xbox 360 LBE

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Hello to all.
I bought the Grid Autosport Limited Black Edition for the xbox 360. In the box cover is a phamplet with a 25 digit code. I am again confused. Is this  code for people who don't

have XBL Gold can play online  Multiplayer (XBL) or for some extra downloadable content....like the Mercedes SLS AMG coupe Black Series and Ravenwest Liveries? It kinda says both. Thanks

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Once you put in the code you wont even know any difference.  The code gives you access to a car that you later must buy if you want it and some liveries and paint schemes.
Ok, thanks. That explains why my buddy put his in and did not find anything. I just saved mine until I could get an answer.

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Xbox is in the redeem code menu of the homescreen. I think you can find it hitting the center jewel or whatever they call it.
Ok. It said I could redeem it at live.xbox.com as well. I did that and it said I now have Ravenwest.....but I guess I need to get to a certain level before I can purchase? Sorry.
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