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The new cars - what you're looking forward to when driving them and what not

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I'm looking forward to:-
  • All the funny cockpit noises.
  • Fuel "saving" and still trying to be fast
  • NOT mucking about with gear ratios.
  • Seeing how much CM use the simulator data with regards to handling/steering/FFB
  • The END of the FFB drop-off nonsense
  • Rear end torque
  • Less tyre management
  • Realistic down-shifting
I'm not looking forward to:-
  • Driving so slowly around corners.

PS:- Stop all the launch speculating guys - "A watched kettle never boils".
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Looking forward to:

  • Less pit stops (if based on 2014 season so far)
  • Less time driving on worn tyres
  • Less corner grip (more challenging)
  • More varied fuel strategy (hoping for more in race options, multi 21, Overtake mode, fuel save mode 1, 2, 3 etc)

Not looking forward to:

  • Less traction/more Torque (I already struggle to not wheel spin out of slow corners)
  • Quiet Engines. (the 2013 scream keeps a small level of Adrenaline simmering)
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I'm looking forward to the straight line speed of the new cars, fuel saving more often, running on worn tyres less, driving formation and cool down laps, manual grid positioning (think back to Silverstone Alonso missed his box) and getting penalties for things like that, getting warned for track extensions etc.
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