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Prize money ? spend money...? Where logic (or balance) ?

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Prize money <?> spend money... Where logic (or balance) ?
I do not quite understand the logic of why so
Touring Car (for example, in the main this class driven), BMW 320, almost full upgraded (car 44 level), win race, win money 9540 (kind of) points, but repair car 14xxx points (4680+4900+4700) without crash))
best sponsors for this class
it should not be, it's wrong

Mazda 787B cost 3.000.000
Dallara Indy - 4.300.000
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Somebody at Codemasters is unable to do some simple math. Either that, or they were too busy marketing the game to figure out that their reward system is a big mistake. They marketed the cars (own your own, accrue mileage, upgrade and paint, etc.) and the gameplay (play any car anywhere, practice and qualifying, livery is great!) as something that was combined when it's neither fully obtainable on SP or in MP. Very deceptive. And when it's impossible to unlock parts of a game you paid good money for, we start talking fraud.
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Somebody at Codemasters is unable to do some simple math. Either that, or they were too busy marketing the game...
do not agree, marketing was less than F1 2013, but the work done more, game good, but need rework
I can provide a list of the most important fixes that can make the game even better, but I think CM better understand what to do
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Repeat my question - prize money <?> spend money... Where logic (or balance) ?
Today, TC class, BMW 320, level 51, previous race no crash & contacts, repair = 17.250, next race, win money 5.250, when will be fixed ?
I can not complain, 10.000.000 (now 1.250 after repair), 22 cars in garage, but repair takes more than winning.
Have bought Booster Pack, and that it would be without him, I do not want to even think

Repair Holden VF Commodore = 65.850 !!! no comments

and why Ford Focus ST TC 50+ level, repair 5.000 (about), but BMW 320 TC 50+ level, 15.000-18.000 after one race !?

...Peugeot 408 SCB, engine upgrade 210.000... cars cost 145.000
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maybe they are trying to encourage you to sell your used cars and buy new ones instead as maintenance becomes expensive in the long run.

I have my Focus ST Touring Car, paid 200k for it. It is now at Lvl 18 fully upgraded for its level and I don't think I spend more than 100k on it. I can now sell the car for over 220k, which is a very high re-sell price considering what you spent on it. I expect more expensive cars to follow the same logic.

my point is, upgrading cars and selling them after 30 races might not be a bad business and may be cheaper than repairing it all the time
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right now is not that bad im doing challenges (endurance car f1 lvl 50) and i lose like 1 or 2 % on each part and the repair cost overall is around 4k and 1º place i could get around 8.5k and 10k still some profit in but on a fullhouse multyplayer race i can get easly not being first 10k and 1º more than 20k

some upgrades .............. omg so expesive sometimes more than the value of the car itself
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Loore said:
What sort of mileage do you have on the cars that have high repair costs? Were the cars purchased second hand?
bougt new, mileage Holden 550km (level 50), BMW 594km (level 52)
Glad bonus for winning in RaceNet (per one week forgot too...)
Yesterday there was a situation, a few races in classes C, B, Super Tourers, was about 80.000+ winning, at Holden is not enough for full repair
repair 17.xxx, after first race(noе done), after second - 24.xxx (one part, example engine)

strange situation that in fact people play only in TC, i like Endurance, fast race, no one, custom race, connect 2 peoples (and race even more interesting than TC)

I hope that everything will OK, and peoples return to the best race a few years...
Loore said:
how a recreation ? with new strength for new challenges ?

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Dont ever repair them.  My category c touring car is at nearly 300 races and never been repaired and been at zero percent for many, many, many races and I still win most every race.
how much does the percentage actually affects your performance?

from what I thought, 80% Engine means you only have 80% power, which means your car wouldn't be as fast or the HUD would even show it as Yellow/Orange due to damage.

If this logic was correct, having a car at 0%, it wouldn't even move :disagree: 
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