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[PC] F1 2016 MFD UI BUG

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While playing the Game i noticed that the Text for the MFD Display is not showing correctly. 
When using manual starts the Text for holding the Clutch and the Rev Counter are showing the Text Message "lng_Error" when the clutch is pressed and "Hold_lng_error" when the clutch is not pressed.
The Menu for the MFD Menu and the "Speak" Menu are also showing the the Text "Error".
However. The Menu's and functions are working fine.
When pressing the "Speak" Button, the Text correctly appears on the MFD.
I have attached some screenshots to show you what i mean.
I've noticed this Error in the English and German Version. Other Languages may be affected, too.


CPU: AMD FX 8370
GPU: Radeon R390
Soundcard: Creative Soundblaster Z
RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

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Ok, so i did a little research and found out, that this bug is caused by the the game not correctly recognizing the wheel mappings.
At first start of the game, it recognizes the Wheel correctly (Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP) and it let's me remap the Buttons to my linking.
When i restart the game, every button that i mapped to the wheel, reports "Error" in the Controlsettings menu.
Strangely the wheel works fine with all mapped buttons.
It just does not display the correct Buttons in game and instead displays "Error"
The description of the buttons, that are mapped to the keyboard aren't shown either.
Once the buttons are mapped to the wheel, and it shows the "error", the mapping can't be changed anymore. 
The game just does not recognize the input given while trying to remap the controls.
If i unplug the wheel while the game is running, and plug it back in again, the game initializes the wheel again, and then, the mapping start to appear again.
This is just very tiresome.

I have attached some Screenshots to demonstrate what i mean.


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there was a patch regarding steering wheels.
So i thought it would fix the Problem with not officially supported Direct Input Wheels, but no. I was wrong.  :'(
Please Codemasters fix the normal Direct Input wheels. 

Edit: Just recognized that there is hardly any Force Feedback. 
There isn't even any Steering resistance to speak of.

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