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Consoles need a patch, Codies

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@Tecnologica‌ I'm moreso referring to playlist events. I know Custom Cup has its own set of grid options you can change.
yes, i knew that, i was just saying that the public playlist should have the random grid start option from custom cup set by default

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as a good person when i was playing i got some ideas for the game

+wouldn't it be nice if you could race your multiplayer cars on singleplayer, since i'm not finding a good match and the matches i got in, i end kicked out for winning or being second(ironically) why can't we use out own cars for a better sp campaign? or adding them on custom cup to race with the bots  

+fix your own car on the lobby, i mean you know, i started buying my own cars so i need to repair them,  but why repair them on the 30 seconds before race if you can do it in those minutes where you are doing nothing on the lobby

+all ghosts for the first 15 seconds after start so then you can avoid to get crashed at the start( great for dealing with wreckers :D )

kick contravote, i mean you can vote to kick or he stays(it could happen to a friend or just a good racer who only gets kicked because of winning )

+after you made the vote after track adding a button that says "skip the votation" would be great and then receive a notification about what mode will be (notifications can be turned off)

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