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T500RS not recognised


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I've got it meanwhile, the problem seams to be GeForce Experience. i think it should be fixed anyway because people want to record videos with GeForce Experience.

If it should still be relevant, these are my specs:
OS: Win 8.1
CPU: Intel i7 4790k
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
Game is NOT installed on an SSD
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I've reported this issue in DiRT Rally's and Geforce forums too sometime ago.
Since the beta of Geforce Experience the wheel detection is not working in few of your games. This occurs also with few gamepads.

There's a solution that I've discovered though:

P.S. I've rolledback to stable version of Experience anyway cause it wasn't reliable yet.
P.S2. I see you've tracked down the issue, could you pass it to the DiRT Rally team as well? ;) 
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T500 accelerator pedal not recognised on XBOX ONE either 
The joy of console gaming :D :D 

Sorry @DGreco I couldn't resist myself as a PC gamer :D
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