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An idea for customization

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So online we have the ability to customize our cars with patterns, colours, numbers, rims & so on. But I think another method of personalization would be really neat. This would only be available for Street class cars but has anyone noticed how some cars in Street races have custom license plates? Like the "RVNWST" plate on the Ravenwest Mercedes C63. Giving players the ability to give their Street class cars custom license plates would be really cool, well I think so...
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Some strange thing w/Xbox Content Police, makes it not possible to view custom schemes on Nascar'14 and that game has a full paintshop! It is actually pretty good. But for whatever reason you cannot see them online. But on PS3 & CPU you can see them. I have no idea why this is the case. But it may be the same reason you cannot add text here. 
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