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Classic Mini Cup. Small Drift tracks for Racing

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Hey everyone. This is just an idea iv'e been thinking about for like two weeks.

The idea is using the Classic Mini's on the small drift tracks
but only for racing since it is a small car.

And i wanna know of it is possible for "Codies / GRID Autosport Dev Team" to make this happen ?
I know i'm not the only one who likes this idea.

What is your Guys & Girls opinions about this ? 

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You know me and ovals but, HOLY CRAP did a bunch of us have a blast racing the Classic Mini's on the Autosport & Indy ovals. The cars barely hit 100 anyway and we had 3, 3 wide finishes, a 4 wide & an almost 5 wide finish in one Custom Cup! We had 7 players & the rest was A.I on very hard, & those guys didn't stand a chance with us drafting each other & pulling slingshots on each other. 

We even had a couple guys stop playing just so they could watch the racing. We did it w/only borrowed cars so nobody could have an edge. It is almost impossible to spin them and everybody was more focused on just having a bunch of laughs. It was just one of those things that happened rather than was planned. 

Nobody cared who won or lost. No feelings hurt. Just some wrinkled fenders and smashed bumpers. I would love to do it again & again. We raced about 5 laps I think. Oh, and everybody had the assists off. You did not need them at all.
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