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F1 2016 PC- car will not accelarate with g27 logitech

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When I'm in a race I can hear the revs, the car tyres move left to right but the car stays put. It's as if acceleration and brake are mapped to the same pedal.

What I could see in settings -

First the correct steering wheel wasn't matched. It came up with Logitech force. When I disconnected the steering usb cable it detected it as the correct input device but the scheme remained for Logitech force. Tried the game and the same.

I manually custom mapped all the buttons and the same thing. I've tried different motherboard ports, pc and game restarts and the same thing, I can hear revs but no movement. Pretty certain this a bug.

I've been waiting ages for this. Suppose I need to wait a little longer unless code masters can help in a solution.

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Hi @Bighead8181, try the suggestions in the linked post and let us know if that fixes this problem for you.


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