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How to report a bug - UPDATED! PLEASE READ!


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We're sorry that some of you are suffering with issues when trying to play F1 2016, in order to help us to help you get to the bottom of your issues can you please try the following


1.       Ensure that your PC meets the minimum spec which can be found on the Steam Store Page

a.       http://store.steampowered.com/app/391040/

2.       Try running the game without any additional software running in the background, for example Fraps, MSI Afterburner, Nvidia Geforce Experience, AMD Gaming Evolved, Plays.tv, Anti Virus software etc

3.       Try running the game with the basic peripherals plugged into the PC i.e. only mouse and keyboard.

4. Have you overclocked your hardware

a.       Do you have the same issue when running at stock speeds


If the game runs fine after trying the above please try to track down what caused your issue and report it to us so that we can investigate.


If you are still unable to run the game to acceptable levels please provide us with as much detail about your issue for example

1.       What game mode where you in Career/Quick race/Time Trial etc

2.       Where you in single player or multiplayer

3.       What track where you racing on

4.       What Team and Driver where you using

5.       Have you updated your hardware drivers to the latest versions

6.       Can you provide us with a DXDIAG from your PC

7.       Do you have any issues on other games

8.       How often does the issue occur



In addition to this (and if reporting a graphical bug) please include a screenshot.


To get your DXDIAG


This can be created by typing “dxdiag” into your start menu, then running “dxdiag.exe”.

After the green progress bar has completed in the bottom left, please press “save all information” to save the required .txt file.

Copy and Paste the text to pastebin.com and provide a link with your forum post or DM the text to a Codemasters employee - @jennyannem or @Hoo are the first two you should try.

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