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[PC] Game Crashes when initiating Practice Programmes

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So I got the game and even played it for a good hour or so. Took a break, quit the game. Came back a few hours later to get back into it.
The game starts up fine. I get to the garage in career for FP2. Select my practice programme and set go. However, no matter what I choose, the game crashes.

I'm not really sure what I need to do so any help will be welcome.

My Specs:
AMD FX6300
Nvidia GTX 960
Windows 10
The setting I'm using for the game is High.

UPDATE: I can play the game as long as I don't do the practice programmes. I can do everything else in FP except that. I'll have to check if this is happening because I am attempting to do a failed programme or if it applies in general.

UPDATE 2: The game crashes in every FP programme.

UPDATE 3: I decided to restart my career. Bad choice. Now the game won't even start the career and crashes immediately.

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