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Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 wheel not reacting to input for a short time PC

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Hi all,

At first, I know this wheel is not directly supported on F1 2016, but I used it perfect without any issues on F1 2015 (after a while). And the wheel was not supported directly on F1 2015 aswell.

My problem is: when I am steering, my wheel does not respond the first few degrees going to the right. However, steering to the left is no problem and the input is recognized by the game at the first degrees.
I was able to see this is in the ''advanced wheel settings''. Indicated from 100 to -100, you can see how fast your wheel reacts to your input. So when I'm turning to the left, the meter reacts instant but when I'm steering to the right, the meter does not react for a short time before it reacts to my input. 

I've had this problem also in F1 2015, but I guess it got patched. Do I have to wait for a patch to solve this or is there anything I can do to solve this?

I have also tried to disconnected my wireless receiver for my xbox 360 controlller, but that did not solve it.

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