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PC-No Sparks from cars

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Hi,first i want to tell the game is perfect well done realy well done.
For me the 2016 handling its perfect maybe little improve are wants but very little(i play PC with pad xbox 360+xbox one pad)i play 5 hours(3 hours practice to learn the new handling)and now i start career.
Everything is good (for me) but i dont see the sparks so far from the car and i remeber i saw them in beta built please check this.
I really enjoy so far the game,I'm not saying he will not some upgrading in the future(the game) but I dont see something so far apart from their sparks.

(I play to my PC no problem with fps (70+) all ultra and run very smooth at 1920-1080p(one monitor))
my specs
i5 4690k
gtx 1060
16gb ram

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