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F1 2016

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I read your line on: 

then I will be as direct as possible,
ordering the most important
in general,
for all.
Aesthetic issues I discuss later...

The game is sensational!
very worthwhile,
you have excelled,
we appreciate the effort, and to please the players.

(EDIT: My First Impression)
The handling is more efficient, 
is practically perfect, 
I feel me, like a real driver. 
more optimized even for controllers,
in my case, X-BOX One,
I can feel the car in my hands.
I have enough area to play at a high level. 
There's only one problem,
F1 2015 could stop the car,
and speed very fast, with the steering wheel turned,
and make turning the car on its own axis.
Very easy.

In F1 2016, it seems that this has changed,
so if you have little space,
you'll have to hit the wall, or reverse gear to try to turn the car...
I was playing in the storm,
the car spun,
I went to the back,
the car did not turn fast,
causing me to have to speed up a little,
turned back, and make the turn...
And I was disqualified from the race...
Because? Too hard...
I was just as opposed to the back.

Need to reduce both the severity of the penaltys like this,
the game need to be more comprehensive,
and bring back the ability (real) that an F1 car has to turn almost on its own axis.

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