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After a long SC, cars stopped on track and ghosted, Alonso teleported a lap ahead

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SC came out in the last 9 laps of the Bahrain GP, held us until lap 24, on lap 23 going into the downhill hairpin, a huge bunch of cars stopped and ghosted, I drove through them and didn't get penalized. 

Was racing Alonso for 5th place after the SC came in, we crossed the line and he was behind me, Vettel had already appeared as the race winner, but suddenly Alonso had won the race in the cutscenes afterward. When I got to the results screen it showed every other car on the grid being a lap down on Alonso, even though when racing he was behind me. Nobody had penalties.

For troubleshooting purposes, I had loaded a mid session save this session, and was using flashbacks. 

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