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Hi all,
Trying F12016 first time, I am running TX Wheel with Ferrari F1 rim and Thrustmaster T500 pedals (it has 3 pedals, clutch, brake accelerator).

However in this game no matter what I do I cannot get my accelerator pedal to be recognised in the control setup. I have tried custom.

What I have done is set the clutch to the brake and brake to the accelerator just so I can get the car around the track but however for obvious reasons this is not ideal because I have to position my legs to the left and also my brake pedal is stiffer than my accelerator pedal and isn't designed to be used as a accelerator.

My setup works fines on Project Cars and the previous edition of F12015, never had an issue.

Devs please fix this issue, along with the shocking sound imbalance with the other cars around you being 200% louder than your own car, and when your pit engineer talks to you your engine sound lowers, this sound issue just about makes it undrivable with other cars on the track.

I also found the force feedback to be pretty much non existant when cornering, it gives absolutely no feel for what the car is doing if it is understeering or oversteering through your hands  and you just have to rely on the visuals. I guess this could be apart of the shopping cart like physics that this game runs although it does feel a little bit better than 2015. Please just give us the feel for the car like what Project Car provides.

Also please implement a helmet cam / visor view like what is offered in Project Cars, driving around the track and you can look straight up into the sky from cockpit cam still doesn't make sense. I suggested this to Steve Hood back in 2010 but he thought the idea was ridiculous, however Project Cars has implemented it perfectly and I and many others use that view as the default view.

Final thing I noticed after my first go in the game was in Multiplayer you can't select the game/server/room you want to join. Or is there a special option/button I didn't see. It just throws you into a session based on the 2 or 3 options. But I don't want to join a session based on those options I want to join session that run full damage, safety car and formation lap on, how do I customise the settings so I can join the servers hat run these settings???

If Codemasters can fix these issues, they just might have a good game for this year, if you decide to bring VR support to the PC platform I'll be happy to make a second purchase ontop of my XBOX ONE copy.

Any help would be great
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