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PC Multiplayer bugs


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Me and my friends have played about 5 races on multiplayer championship. These are the bugs we have found so far.

*Virtual saftey car doesn't always effect AI, they drive full speed.
*Virtual saftery car delta wrong calculation on completing a lap, was +0.450 sec. After completing the lap it went to -25.0 sec
*Alot of ghosting, AI cars driving inside each other (often at race start).
*No drive throu / stop & go penelties. We have had some major crashes and we never recieved any penelties for it. Only penetlies for corner cutting.
*Very agressive AI on Expert difficulty, blocking, driving full speed into people.
*Loosing front wing sometimes doesn't effect car performance.
*Never had a real saftey car, even thou 4 AI crashes at race start.

Another issue not related to multiplayer is that when we load up a race from the lobby we can't see the screen where we choose tire allocation, it is blocked by a white screen and the "Loading" text displayed in the upper left corner.
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