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I can confirm that Boost Pack is now free for season pass holders, such as myself here in NZ. Good job Codies for sorting this, but I expected better. Oh well...

Yes, now figures as free but the people who paid for it and has the Seasson Pass i don´t know how they are going to have a refund, at least with Sony PSN, is almost impossible to get a refund in these cases ad very, very diffcult that CM could fix it because is in Sony department and they NEVER refund nothing unless mayor mistakes. (Mayor Mistakes, GREAT MISTAKES XD, i was affected by a double payment for the same content at take me two weeks and a very hard discussion with PSN departmente, a vey "ugly" behaviour fron Sony PSN, be care...)

@SVENOS i can´t confirm that the boost pack corrupt the game, not my case because today was corrupted but i had it before and nothing happened.., all in all in Grid 2 the corrupted files bemed with an update or DLC, the exact reason i think is very randomly...


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Loore said:
sucr4m said:
Loore said:
Regarding repair costs, we will be lowering them in an upcoming patch, hopefully next week.
Funny, wasnt it supposed to come out this week? What a coincidential delay with the booster dlc for the grabs now.............
The patch was delayed because QA raised a few things. It's a bit bigger than normal what with the rear view mirror and advanced controller options going into it. We'd rather delay and wait, instead of putting it out unfinished, am sure you'd be first in line to shout at us if that was the case.

Advanced controller options is two lines of code and you know it. Rear view mirror is a virtual one IIRC, meaning a rectangle at the top of the screen, which is no work at all (especially if you're not going to optimise it, and let's face it, you won't). If you were implementing proper mirrors in the interior views then I could believe there is some work involved, but a rectangle and a menu toggle? Who have you got working on this, an intern?

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